#LOL: Election 2014 – It Happens Only In India

Why it happens only in India? Never ever in the history of India have we seen this big crowd of young voters and their participation in Indian politics?

India is a country with twenty-eight states that has over hundred cultures residing within them. Never ever in the history of India have we seen this big crowd of young voters and their participation in Indian politics.  Never ever in the history of India, technology has been used so extensively to gain votes. Technology by means of social media, apps, advertising campaigns, text messages etc.

But, is that the only thing that makes it the GodFather of all the elections in India? Frankly speaking, I am as clueless as the ‘Youth Icon of India’, probably because the ‘escape velocity’ of mosquitoes around me, while I am writing, is way too high. But, let me tell you that voting is as important as watching a movie on a Friday evening.

Now, don’t get me wrong when I say that. Going for a movie on Fridays, it not about just about fun and enjoying life. It’s about our principles. Those, who haven’t experienced, aren’t expected to understand. For them, Fridays are all about boozing and taking a break from the usual routine. The previous weekend when a friend of mine got high, having sloshed a couple of shots, she fired questions at me, I had never thought of. Try explaining these, if you can.

1. A 63 year old, grey haired man, who at some point in his life sold tea on the streets, is able to use the same lingo as young dudes showing off their latest gizmos. He not only understands their requirements and aspirations, but is also competing against a 43-year-old political scion, who apparently is considered as the Youth Icon of India, is a Harvard/Oxford/Cambridge pass-out and gives statements like- Poverty is just a state of mind. Doesn’t this situation point out, that a man can be more practical by serving tea, than umm… never mind.

2. An alumni of IIT, ex administrative officer, looking like a sparrow, wearing muffler, forms a party, two years back. Coughing all the while when talking, this man unseats the mighty prince and his party, which functioned for like ten years in a kingdom. He makes promises and struggles day and night, empty stomach, on the streets, in the chilly winters of the kingdom, to fulfill them. However, he gives up within sixty days of his reign and goes back to square one. Had he stood there against all odds, I would have declared him as my hero. But again… never mind.

While the 63 year old said something regarding one of our legendary freedom fighters being hanged in Andaman & Nicobar Islands, the 43 year old made a statement about his party being the default setting of the Indian subcontinent. With the sparrowed man, out of league now, we are left with only two contenders.

So, as a member of the young population of the country, I urge, that you realize the burden of history on your slender shoulders.

Planning to take up politics as a career?

Please do.

More power to Youngsters!

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