Some Extra Bucks Over The Weekend Doesn’t Sound Bad!

Let’s take a look at few such jobs that could help you earn some extra moolah over the weekend…

The advent of technology has changed much in the recent years. Call it a boon or bane, but social media no doubt, is one of the biggest medium to promote your skills and talents.

A whole new world of possibilities has enabled us to look beyond what we thought we’re capable of. These modern jobs have been accepted by people all around as much as to make them a trend-setter in the job market. Let’s take a look at few such jobs that could help you earn some extra moolah over the weekend…

Life Coach

How do you feel when you get to know that you’re a reason for their smile? Being a life coach is all about the same thing. The job involves advicing people on anything regarding their life, be it relationships, career, stress, anything. You don’t really require a degree for this. Life coaching is something that comes from your experience and your personality. If you’re a happy go lucky kind of person, maybe you should try this out.


Blogging is not just a hobby anymore. It’s a full fledged career option and is all set to become the next big career option in India. After all, it is not restricted to travel and food anymore. You can write and get paid for anything under the sky, literally, ANYTHING. All you need to be is creative and stick to originality. Want to earn extra bucks over the weekend? Just write.

Image Consultants

The present day scenario is such that, more than fifty percent of the young population shares every minute detail of their life on social media. Maybe, they took the “what’s on your mind” suggestion quite seriously. Speaking of deatils, this is where an image consultant steps in. An image consultant offers guidance and choices on etiquettes, social skills, dressing up and the thing you love the most- making your picture absolutely spotless. You could excel in this field if you are one of those, who have always thought of the above mentioned qualities in an image. However, you need to have a knack for finery of life to take up this career option. Girls, are you listening?

Language Tutors

Did it ever occur to you that as much as you loved learning a foreign language, there could be others who could be looking forward to it. Reputed organisations and institutes would have something that may not grab their eyeballs. Step into the nearby coaching institute, Be a friendly tutor. Teach and earn. Whatsay?

Nobody minds earning an extra buck. So, what are you waiting for. Think and Act.

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