Unforgettable Songs By Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez, Virtuoso as a producer, dancer, and music who is ruling in almost every song. Bravura in music and videos has made her songs unforgettable.

American born actress began her career in a biopic “Selena” Jennifer Lopez, accomplishing with the nomination “Golden Globe”, first Latin to win the highest in the movie career.

1.    Get right

Tantalizing with the fourth release of a pop dance musical song from the album “Rebirth” in the year 2005.Shockingly stunning in her black with her sharp body moves.


2.     On the floor

“Jennifer Lopez” with this energetic song can drag you “On the floor” even today, album Love? Released in the year 2011. Dance on the pop musical highly energetic song which is still a remarkable edition of her series of music albums.


3.    Ain’t your mama

So, let the wify speaks out their heart while the husbands start comparing the so-called love of wife and his mother, your wife is not your mother who will take care of you as if you are a kid, album with humorous lyrics.


4.    Waiting for tonight

Benevolently Romantic with loving lyrics “Waiting for tonight” still owes the same passion when this song is still heard through her vocals, she is also the winner of best dance in Grammy awards 2000.


5.    I’m into You. Feat

I feel lucky like a four leaf clover. I’m into You. What else? Bang on with a classy start or beginning of the song with feet tapping music once again to wave and dance on the romantic pursuing song from the album Love? Released 2011.


6.    If you had my love

Earliest song of 1999, highly influencing song where the cameras around plays the game with her music and performance: seen the song “If you had my love” which is still conventional to watch while with her stunning moves in the end.


7.    Let us get loud

One more body warming song is “Let’s get loud” especially while she performed “Salsa”. Bright, elegance in her appearances hit the floor with her high heels and bumpy, twitchy music, 1999.


8.    Papi

Old or older it turns to be in further coming days but this song by Jennifer Lopez not only a creation of a song but also a direction a story on pet “Papi”. Humor filled with the fun in music all make this particular song special through an old pop song 2011.


9.    Do it well

Wonderworks if you “Do it well” while released in the year 2007 from her sixth release album Brave. A combination of pop music that had once grabbed the ears and eyes towards her song and is still a boom on the song by Jennifer Lopez.


10.   Aint it funny

This song is somewhere when she mentioned her present days to Micheal Jackson starting days of his time in music. Though a revengeful song, girls still love it while they give up their ex and now with their present boyfriend. Love this revengeful song!


Jennifer Lopez is popular worldwide for her music and dance that she had been dedicated for years, unforgettable songs that still clicks into the memory of who has or had heard her songs.

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