Jennifer Lopez is HOT, Single, And Ready To Mingle: Who Is Interested?

Here we talk about Jennifer Lopez’s sex-appeal even at the age of 44. She had a break-up recently but career-wise she is still going strong. A real celebrity with strong content!

Yes guys, you read it right!

The sexy singer is ready for grabs!

Jennifer Lopez, who has wowed the world over the years with not only her singing skills but also with the oomph she oozes out of her sexy body, just had a sad break-up with her boyfriend, Casper Smart! It is indeed sad news but the girl is not the one to be bogged down by upsets in her life. She has clearly moved on!

Fresh from her successful (that is her opinion, not ours, mind it!) performance at the opening ceremony of FIFA World Cup 2014, Jennifer gave an interview to US magazine, Billboard. Apart from talking about her upcoming new album and world tour, she spoke about, what else, love! Focus guys, when a girl as sexy as Jennifer opens up (her heart, you silly!), we got to listen. As they say, to win over a girl, one got to listen to her and not just look at her!

Anyways, coming back to Jennifer, she is looking like a million bucks and going by the way she has posed on the magazine’s cover, we are sure there will be hordes of suitors for her. At 44 years of age, she is looking like a 20yr old virgin with the curves that will put to shame most of the so-called-divas of Hollywood! However, the question is, is she looking for love? No one knows as the rumors about her supposed link-up with Maksim Chmerkovskiy were not discussed in the interview. All she said was, “Things have changed so much for me, I had to really do some soul searching and just realize some things about love, and now I come from a place where I’m stronger and, I think, better”. That does sound very mature and sensible coming from a girl who for a layman looks like a gorgeous bimbo!


Being a multi-tasker that she is, Jennifer completed a season of ‘American Idol’ as a judge and at the same time is getting ready for the release of her eighth album, A.K.A! From the looks of it, she already has a winner in hands. After all, the songs which have lyrics so deep and talking not only about the glory but also the perils of love, will definitely touch the right chords! Only someone who has fallen in love and then lost, can understand it so well. However, it is the genius of someone like Jenny who can express it in such a heart-felt way.

Here is a woman who has her mind and heart so very well synchronized to provide utmost pleasure. About her scintillating delicious looks, no words can describe her eternal beauty.

Who has it in him to rise to the occasion to win her heart? Anyone??

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