People From These 8 Countries Are The Most Romantic! Where Are We?

romantic countries

Romantic countries – Chocolates, wine, roses and your sweetheart – well there’s nothing more a romantic heart could ask for.

Romance is a beautiful emotion that spreads like plague and engulfs one and all and fills people’s hearts with love, warmth, passion and content.

While the world celebrates love in the form of Valentine ’s Day or by way of Romeo and Juliet, here are the top 8 most romantic countries in the world and most romantic people. Take a look –

Romantic countries list –

  1. Italy

Romance – the word actually comes from Rome and which typically means ‘from Rome’. Thus, it is inevitable to put Rome on top of this list. The country spells romance in its architecture, culture, history and the good looks of its people. The fantastic food and wine add the touch of perfection to their way of loving.


  1. Spain

Not hidden from the world is the good looks and sexiness of the citizens of this country. Known for their famous dance form – Salsa, which is gaining recognition all over the world, to their people who have earned the reputation of being good lovers, this one deserves to be on number 2 here.


  1. France

France houses the most romantic city in the world – Paris which is the most sought after romantic excursion destination around the world. Kissing under the Eiffel Tower tops the list of “Must do things for lovers”. High fashion and very sophisticated, French people love to talk about love. Their language spells romance and their love for gourmet food, wine and chocolates explains the sexy appeal of the French people.


  1. Argentine

On number 4 we have this Latin American country with their very popular Tango, every move of which spells romance. Argentines are very romantic and passionate lovers and the sexiness quotient is visibly very high rightly displayed by football stars such as Lionel Messi and Diego Maradona.


  1. Brazil

A place that believes in extravagant parties and where people have extremely romantic and passionate appeal – Brazil stands at number 5 on this list. Brazilians never shy away from displaying their love and even in matters of sex. Their sensuality is visible in their Samba dance as well which is one of the most sensual dance forms of the world.


  1. Lebanon

The Arab world too has got a spot here. Lebanese are very different from the other Arab countries and are very romantic and sensual. Thanks to their good looks, Lebanese people are very attractive and know the art of seduction very well. Also known for the night life that Beirut has to offer, Lebanon has lots of romantic and sensual encounters to offer.


  1. Ireland

What can be sexier that a good looking person who is equally humble and well behaved? Well, this is why Ireland stands a spot in this list. Known around the world for their gorgeous looks, Irish people are great romantics and know every trick to seduce their partners. Their secret is the self-deprecation nature that keeps them humble and very attractive.


  1. India

I just could not have missed our country in this list. Though our way of romancing is different from the rest of the world and is mostly kept hidden behind the bedroom walls, Indians are great romantics – right from Shahjahan who got the symbol of love – Taj Mahal constructed for his deceased wife to the modern day young lovers who are not scared to show their love, romance buds in the heart of every Indian!


These are the Romantic countries – Love is not bound by boundaries and nationalities, it takes its place everywhere but these countries have gained the reputation of being the most romantic nationalities because of their grandeur and openness in the way they show their love. Cheers to their spirit!

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