Why Kindle Can Be A Bookworm’s Best Friend?

Kindle eReader

As a child did you like to listen to or read at least one story from a famous book or the Children Fables before you dozed off?

Now that you have grown up, your idea of relaxing is more often than not in the company of a book and you meticulously maintain a personal library with a new book to add in every month or even in a fortnight!

However, most of the times your home is so full of books that every time you buy a new one, you find yourself in a brainstorming session as to where to keep it.

If you are such a bookworm, you deserve to get yourself a personal copy that you can read anywhere anytime you want without others coming to know what you are reading and that which will keep you out of distractions.

You deserve a Kindle!

Well, you may argue that books are best experienced when they can be felt in the palms, looked at and smelled. However, it is not always easy to carry them everywhere you go, especially if the one you have set your mind on has a heavy packaging. But, you can certainly take a Kindle with you everywhere whether you travel by the bus daily or are planning to go on a trip or even sitting by the balcony of your house!

Here we give you some more reasons why Kindle can turn to be your favourite gizmo:

Distraction-Free and Demure Object That Attracts Only Its Reader!

Though a Kindle looks exactly like a tablet or an i-Pad, it is way different than them in the way that it deduces a lot of distractions unlike others. If you are an avid reader, you would certainly find Facebook notifications, messages and mails screaming from your inbox a bit too frustrating and annoying. Here Kindle can come to your rescue as it lets you read, absorb and have a rich indulgence in your book without causing you the pain of pop-ups!

One of the Kindle versions also comes with an in-built light facility in its case that serves as a back light and  is powered by the Kindle battery. Your family will now not get perturbed by your late-night reading habits as you will not need to keep the bedside lamp switched on. Go on and read to your heart’s content without having to bother anyone because of your passions and habits. Don’t change your reading habits, just buy a Kindle!

No distraction reading

No distraction reading

Sharing is Caring for a Kindle Owner!

If you purchase a single book via Kindle, you can read it on any other Kindle device that your relatives, friends or family members own. You can also have a Kindle reading app on your phone if you own a Kindle, which will let you read from your collection of books even if you happen to forget your prized possession – your Kindle!

As a proud owner of Kindle, you are also entitled to borrowing books from Amazon, one book each month and also return them to the Amazon store, without having to purchase them, just like in a library at your school or in your neighbourhood. How cool is that!

Kindle Amazon library

Kindle Amazon library

Less of Waiting and More of Reading!

If you buy a book, it automatically gets delivered on your Kindle device. You need not order books from Amazon or Flipkart anymore and wait for several days until first you get a message notifying that the book is ready to be shipped and then sit back thinking when you will get the next notification that the book has been shipped to your address. Books will have the fastest delivery time period in the world as they get delivered to your Kindle in a matter of seconds! Yes, that’s true!

Kindle - Less waiting, more reading

Kindle – Less waiting, more reading

Save Your Precious Eyes from the Mobile and Computer Destruction

Well, we all know how destructive television, tablet, computer or a smartphone are for our eyes! But now you are not forced to damage your eyes because you love to read. Designed with a specific screen catering to long reading sessions, unlike smartphones and tablets, Kindle makes your eyes feel relaxed, just how you should be while reading a book.

Kindle, Good for eyes

Kindle, Good for eyes

Bored of Long Waiting Queues and Same Old Magazine stuff?

If your daily travel to your workplace involves a lot of commuting time or you like to go for vacations once in a while or hate waiting to meet a person checking out magazines, you can have Kindle save the day. Your travel experience to your workplace will become even smoother and you might not even get angry at a friend who is as we say, ‘a late lathif’!

Kindle - No boring queues

Kindle – No boring queues

You Are Tired of your Mom Shouting At You Every Time You Buy A New Book and End Up With No Pocket Money!

Kindle is a one-time investment that will be much economical on your pocket than the real books themselves. Also, some books that are available online, you can easily read them on your Kindle without having to pay for the shipping cost or delivery charges. It especially helps for people who have a habit of reading 10-15 books within a few months.

Kindle helps you read more books

Kindle helps you read more books

You Do Not Want the Low Battery Notification To Disrupt You From Your Reading Practice

Battery life is a major problem in phones, tablets and even computers. But Kindle can be charged just once in a day and it will work without disruption for weeks together! You are also saved from the hassle of charging it daily as it does not require charging everyday unlike our smartphones and tablets. You can easily make long-distance travels and go for long vacations without even carrying the Kindle charger.

Kindle - Long battery life

Kindle – Long battery life

Personalizing Your Device Is Your Best Leisure Activity

Your choice of books, your fonts, your layouts and formats the way you want it, on your Kindle books. The same experience may not be there in a smartphone, tablet or a computer. If you have always liked highlighting portions in your text or changing the font size according to your comfort, Kindle is the best option for you. Customizing and personalizing reading experiences can only be plausible through a Kindle.

Kindle personalization

Kindle personalization

More To Read and Even More to Learn is the Motto of Your Life

If you are not a once-in-a-while reader and want to learn a lot in your life through reading other’s experiences, thoughts and mind-sets, then Kindle can come to your rescue. Even for writers, bloggers, online content marketers, this device is the complete package as you can read many more books on a Kindle device than you would normally through the physical paperback format. You will find yourself glued to the device much more than even your physical books. This can be true even for the college-going students who have to do a lot of reading and learning while some books are not even available in the market and class notes and photocopies are their only saviour. If you are a college-going student, nothing can be better than a Kindle for you as you can get all your books here only – this is a one-stop shop for all your books and you do not have to waste your study time on weekends at a crowded book store anymore, where you do not even know whether all the books you want to buy are even available at the store or not.

Kindle helps you learn more

Kindle helps you learn more

Reading is your Ultimate Goal and Aim

If you love reading, smartphones and tablets will not be able to provide you the gratification neither will you be able to read as many physical books as much as you want to, but Kindle can make you have those long-reading sessions whenever you want and wherever you deem fit. Also, the convenience and comfort that the device offers is worth a try. You can download many books together and read them all, without having to go to the store to choose books or wait for the book delivery. You will also have a better and more varied choice of books to choose from and can read all genres as Kindle e-books are anyways, published much more in quantity than the paperback versions.

Kindle reading

Kindle reading

 So go ahead and get that reading thrill and enjoy a new and beautiful, unperturbed reading experience. But, don’t complain if your passion for reading does not get satiated and you get more and more indulged in the habit of reading! Well, you might not but your family might complain of your growing indulgence! (*winks*)

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