Interesting Information About Gondola Rides In Italy

Gondola Rides – Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness- Mark Twain

Traveling is a healing drive of the perturbed mind. Sometimes it is compulsory to get lost in order to find yourself and the passion for travelling dies hard for a travel enthusiast. He will have iron-clad determination about making his next travel a learning experience, not merely a an endeavour to click Instagram-worthy pictures. We hold Italy in high regards for being the fashion capital of the world but apart from that it has many other aesthetic nuances that makes the tourists return to their places with a content heart.

Venice is the capital of Northern Italy’s Veneto region which ushers the travellers into the idyllic Gondola rides across the narrow water-ways in the city. Sitting in the Gondola accompanied by the love of your life, you always want to hum ‘Do lafzo ki hai yeh zindgani’

While these goldola rides are the antidote to all anxieties, here are a few things you need to know about them, pretty mesmerizing at that.

Gondola Rides  –

Travelling in a Gondola can be well likened with travelling by Hanson cab in New York’s Central Park. It is breathtakingly delightful although the prices might lean on a bit higher side.

The Gondolas can be found in the main tourist spots, predominantly near Tronchetto and Pizzale Roma, where tourist cars are parked. The Gondoliers are likely to walk up to you and ask if you want a ride.

Venice’s most sought after transportation is traghetto, the public gondola ferry which are similar to privately rented counterparts and helps you tour along the city.

The gondola rides are downright romantic with the beauteous city lights in tow. It sets the tone for a romantic evening so no wonder the demand is higher in the afternoon and when the dusk falls.

You can book music and singers to make it even more romantic with your lover. The singers will sing the soul-stirring numbers for around 35 minutes and you will soak in the beauty of the moment. At least 4-5 songs they will sing as per your request.

You can do an online reservation for the Gondolas and the musicians too, if you please.

All the Gondolas have identical designs and mostly made from Oak, Elm, Lime, Larch, Fir, Cherry, Walnut and Mahogany.

The Gondolas previously used to be colourful but from 16th century onwards they are painted black. It was done as a measure to abide by the law passed by the government who did not want the Gondolas to look flashy with loud colours and extravagant ornamentation.

The modern Boat-shaped gondola designs go eons back and accredited to 19th century boat-builder Tramontin, whose descendants still run the Tramontin Boatyard. The constructional development of Gondolas continued until mid-20th century and then the city government intervened to stop further developments.

These are the facts about Gondola Rides – Hope these facts about the Gondolas made you really want to put on your travel-shoes and book tickets for Italy already!

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