Aab bas Madhuri!

The smile that made millions of heart beat faster seems to have lost its charm. We feel Madhuri Dixit should bit good bye to Bollywood and make Kathak a big hit!

Unlike a bank Clark, actors don’t have a designated retirement age. Little did the actors know that this in fact go against them and bring them to an age old dilemma, when is enough of acting really ENOUGH? Their fans obviously would enjoy their cameos and a comeback movie every 5 years but someone that also make it look like they are trying really hard to tighten their wrinkled face and act as if they were really in their early 30s. No, that does not work for the audience; they are really not that blind.

We feel Madhuri Dixit is somewhere at that juncture in her career where she should gracefully age and work towards her dance school. Her Devdas was one movie after which she should have sidelined herself towards dance… Even Aaja Naach le was acceptable, but beyond that, whatever she does feels a tad bit much. Here are a few reasons we think Madhuri should now bit adios to acting…

Move your right hand forward, turn to the right and repeat
Every reality show that she has been a part of, she is dragged (almost forced) to dance and she just does the same moves again and again. She is one of the best dancers in Bollywood and her doing so, breaks our heart…

Get off the chane ka ka khet
She got her nick name Mohini because of her dripping cuteness in her songs. Her numbers like ‘Dhak dhak’, ‘Choli ke peeche kya hain’ and likes created rage because of her innocence. It just does not look suit her any more.

The last thing we wanted to see from the dancing queen was to come on a TV commercial as a MAID? Her personality has Denvor chic engraved all over, with that, Madhuri can never be Sakhubai…  

Breaking news ghagra 
Although the song did great, Madhuri danced really well, we don’t see her as a brothel dancer. She is too elegant to pull it off. Looking at Madhuri flirt with Ranbir, is as bad as catching your teacher with her lover in a super market. We can never be ready for it!

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