Know What Are The Laws Against Extra Marital Affairs In Different Countries

Laws against extra marital affairs

Laws against extra marital affairs – The extra-marital affairs have become very common these days, and for that matter, even a huge debate regarding extra-marital affair is also going on in the Supreme Court.

When it comes to extra-marital affairs, the Adultery law of India has a provision of punishment only for men. And at the same time there are few more things that explain the wife’s right on the husband’s property, and there is a huge debate on all such issues related to extra-marital affair. What the Supreme Court decides on this will be clear in a few days, at the moment. But today we are not here to decide the condition of India only but here we are going to tell you about the laws related to Extra-Marital Affair in different countries around the world.

Laws against extra marital affairs

1 – Asian countries

Talking in terms of Asia, after India, there were only three countries, South Korea, Philippines and Taiwan, who considered extra-marital  affair as a crime, but South Korea excluded it from the category of criminal cases in 2015. Japan refused to accept it as a crime in 1947. Whereas in the Philippines we have strict rules against the extra-marital affairs.

2 – Muslim countries

Muslim countries are much more strict against the extra-marital affair. In Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Somalia extra-marital  affair are considered not only a crime but they also have severe punishment for it.

In Saudi Arabia, there is a provision of throwing stones on the culprit, whereas extra-marital  affair cases in Pakistan are divided into two categories.

In the first category, there is a provision to throw stones or publically beat the culprit with a hunter. In the second category, a prison sentence is given for ten years.

There is again a provision of throwing stones publically in Somalia too. And in Afghanistan, they also beat the criminal with a hunter.  While in Egypt, women are sentenced to jail for two years and a man is sentenced only to six months imprisonment. While Iran is much more strict in extra-marital cases, there is a provision of capital punishment for people having extra-marital. However, Turkey has excluded it from the category of crime in 1996.

3 – United States Of America

The extra-marital  affair is considered legal in 21 states of the United States of America.

In many states including New York, deceiving husband or wife or having an extra-marital  affair is considered just as a minor offence.

On the contrary, it is considered as a serious crime in states like Idaho, Massachusetts, Michigan, Oklahoma and Wisconsin, and the guilty person is punished with a fine as well as imprisonment for life.

4 – India

According to section 497, IPC, if a married man makes physical relations with a married woman without a prior consent of her husband, then it is a crime and there is a provision for punishment for it.

So, these were the Adultery laws in different countries around the world. Let us tell you that Europe, Latin America, many Asian countries and Australia do not consider extra-marital  affair as a crime.

These are the laws against extra marital affairs –  Now it is to see what the Supreme Court of India decides in the matter about the Adultery law, will it also be removed from the category of crime or will the make strict provision against it?

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