Hilarious Ways Indian Moms Behave When Their Son Bring Their Girlfriend Home For The First Time

Indian moms are ushered into all sorts of insecurities once their sons start dating.

They have a clear-sighted conviction about raising their son into fine men and as because women are pathologically jealous, losing their sons to another woman comes off as a nightmare for them. They feel like wrested of power and control over their sons and not to mention, feel threatened at the arrival of a potential enemy, the ‘bahu’ in the household. They are even repelled to the idea of their adult sons dating unlike mothers of western countries and start seeing red from the time when their sons bring their girlfriends for the first time home.

Here are the ways Indian moms behave when their son wants to introduce their girlfriend to their moms.

1. Their will keep a magnifying glass handy:

If course, get the sarcasm here. Moms will always be apprehensive before giving the relationship her nod, so she will hair-split over her appearance then character till hours on end.

2. She will bombard her with questions:

Ranging from can you cook to what your father does?

Because, she has already started seeing you as a probable threat. Hence, there will be no other way around than to judge you.

3. She will give her all sorts of moral lecture:

Just to mould her into the characteristic of a perfect Indian ‘Bahu’. She will lay down rules that needs to be followed in disguise of lecture.


4. She will spin a yarn:

Of course, she is the boss around the house now and is in full control of her son’s life. She, hence will not let go of any chance to give her potential enemy cold feet. She will tell how much her son adores her and will be his first preference even after his marriage.

5. She will share anecdotes from her son’s life:

Just to make sure the listener understands how much she has devoted herself to raising her son and how she made sacrifices. She remembers every itsy-bitsy detail of her son’s life and that makes her a doting mother.

6. Her emotional atyachar:

Well, that is the special characteristic of an Indian mother and not to mention, they are quite adept at that. But whenever there is a probable threat, that amount doubles up. Mom will start reacting strangely in whatever the son says, she will be blatant and brazen about it to make his girlfriend uncomfortable.

7. She will call her friend to bitch about that girl:

Because Sarita Masi is mom’s mainstay and the powerhouse of suggestions whenever she needs it. She will call Sarita Masi for detailed analysis of her character.

These are ways Indian moms are likely to behave if her son brings his girlfriend home for the first time.

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