This Country Provides Sleeping Hours At Workplace


Japan work culture – What would happen in your country if your boss finds you sleeping in the office during work hours?

Simply either you will get a notice or will directly get fired from the job, right?

I am sure you often feel sleepy during work hours but you don’t even close your eyes because you are scared of your boss. Because if your seniors or boss catches you sleeping then you are gone. But you will be shocked to know that there is a country where employees got sleeping hours during work at their office!

Surprised to hear this?


Well! it’s true!

You must be thinking that I am dreaming or kidding but let me tell you that such a country really exist and the country would not be less than the paradise where the employees can slumber during the working hours.

So let me tell you that the country is none other than the super developed country Japan. Yes, employees in Japan are not afraid of sleeping during their work in the office even they get separate sleeping hours at their workplace itself. Yes, here if an employee didn’t get enough sleep at night then he or she can manage a nap during work hours and the best part is that it doesn’t affect their salary. You might be surprised to know that here there is a term in Japan for sleeping during work hours: “Inemuri”, which means sleeping while on duty or sleeping on the job refers to falling asleep while on the time clock or equivalent, or else while responsible for performing some active or passive job duty. the job hours – Inamuri means that it exists but sleeping.


Actually, people’s work hours are very high in Japan, and most people only get about 6 hours of sleep.

Because of this, the companies here give this separate sleeping time at the workplace to the employees. However, let me also tell you that it is not that the employees can sleep whenever they want but there are some rules to sleep during work hours.

Let us know that people of Japan are known to be the most hardworking people of the world, so here if boss catches his employees sleeping he doesn’t mind it much. Even they have predefined sleeping hours. This sounds crazy to us but it is very normal and Japan, it is like their daily thing inculcated in their habit.


Hence the sleeping person is not considered lazy in Japan rather he/she is believed to be a hard worker. They do not associate sleep with laziness instead they see it as a trait of hard-working individuals. They have a perception that people fall asleep only when they get tired of hard work. I am sure after reading this article you may also be thinking that if you could get a job in Japan, you could have slept in peace workplace.

Well! at last, we really hope that we could get this amazing system in India as well.

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