Does Your Office Give You Health?

How to stay healthy and fit in the office, The monotonous and fixed-in-the-office-chair routine in the office, kills the health aspects. What do we do about it?

Ok, put your hands up, if you are working in an office, a home-office or a company workplace!

Well, almost each one of you will put it up, right?

For the least of 8 hours a day, we toil away in our office chairs.

Do we recognize the detrimental health effects this office working is giving us?

We know that working in the office gives our bread and butter, but does it give us health?

But what to do when we very well know that quitting the office for health does not sound like a distant possibility even. Can you make some positive changes to snatch our health from these deadly office routines, while keeping the job in hand?

Yes of course you can. Here’s how we can do that: 

You sit all day in your office desk 

Is sitting the new smoking? That’s what some people are now claiming due to the serious effects sitting all day has on the body. The Smithsonian claims that sitting all day can increase rates of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. 


What can you do about it 

Do not keep sitting. Take regular breaks. Do not let the office-boy serve you your tea  or coffee. Get up and get it yourself. If at all your office place has standing desks, opt for one. Take the stairs, for at least 3-4 floors of climbing up and down every day. Apart from sitting or standing all day, the goal is to create an optimal mix of activity for the body to avoid putting excessive strain on a single body part. 


Vitamin D is a major constraint:  The Sun that you don’t get 

It’s so easy to not get enough vitamin D. If you are like me, maybe you commute to work early via train or car, work all day then return home or head straight to the gym. Vitamin D is really important for proper bodily functioning, including calcium absorption which can lead to nasty bone problems in the long term. We can all become easily depleted, especially in winter. 


What can you do about it 

While you may feel the urge to sit at your computer during your lunch break, and chat on social sites, but, often lunchtime is the only chance you’ll have to get out and catch some sweet sun rays. So grab your lunch and get outside for a break that will do your body good and make you feel refreshed for the afternoon ahead. If at all the time and office rules permit you, take a quick small walk around your office building, take a friend along, chit chat and take a stroll. 

Pointer: If you are unsure whether you are getting enough vitamin D, get your levels checked by a doctor. Vitamin D supplements are commonly prescribed once a deficiency is identified. 


Your intake of sugar and caffeine in office is beyond acceptable limits 

Ah, sugar and caffeine. I have a love hate relationship with both. Both are great when you have them but then they let you down as the rush dissipates. Then you need more. And more. Suddenly I’m drinking four coffees a day and feeling crap. Eating chocolate in the afternoon and wondering why I’m not sleeping well. Then having more coffee in the morning to make up for not sleeping, and on and on goes the vicious cycle. Coffee is like the bad boyfriend I could never leave. 


What can you do about it 

Well, getting off the coffee train is not for necessary for everyone. But including some other options to help stay awake can promote a healthier lifestyle. This includes green apples, various teas such as yerba mate and cinnamon. Switch to dark chocolates, instead of regular ones. Low sugar variants of food are easily available. Put a small research and grab them in your emergency office-eating depositary. Be the one who sticks to self-made promises. 

Well, I won’t hesitate to say that health has taken the last seat when we talk about modern day lifestyles with alluring options to entertain and pamper our mind, body and soul after hard days at work. 

Yet, what to choose, remains my own prerogative! Body is mine, the decision has to be mine!

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