These Behaviours Could Verify That You Are a Lazy Person

Lazy Person

Lazy Person – “Human nature is above all things lazy.”

                                 –  Harriet Beecher Stowe 

I can assure that there is no person on planet earth, who has not had their moments of laziness. It is one of the free tickets you get when you are born.

It does not matter how old you are, there is that one moment wherein you feel the laziest.

However, there is a difference between experiencing laziness in batches and being a lazy person.

Below, we observe the situations that suggest you belong in the latter category.

More often than not, you display laziness when you are at home (ahhh…my safe place, my sanctuary).

You prefer sitting through a dreadful movie on television just because the remote is beyond your reach. You feel relieved when someone else enters the radius where the remote is kept and request them to pass it to you.

Once the clothes in your washing machine are washed, you wait for another couple of hours (or five) before you hang them to dry. Your theory behind the same is that the clothes will dry substantially during the hours they rest, enabling them to dry completely within a short time span.

You let your hair grow long because you are lazy to walk five minutes to get a haircut on a Sunday. To defend the same, you claim to be saving money, when you don’t realise that longer hair requires more shampoo and more conditioner; this means more expenses.

While at home, you hold your pee to extended hours. This, usually, is applicable when you are either studying or are stuck around a plethora of choices with decision-making at your helm. Several psychology results have shown that the urge to pee enhances decision-making.

When you have a room for yourself, you either WhatsApp or text another member to get a work done. You do not care whether they are busy with their work or not.

You never respond to text because it requires you to type. When you are a lazy person, you prefer having your hands free. While you sit on a chair, your image is like that of a corpse with stretched legs and arms set to flay on the armrest.

You take efforts to use the microwave. Nevertheless, you find pressing 1:00 daunting. Hence, you go on to enter 1:11. You do not mind your food overheating for another 11 seconds.

You have a class to attend, but you reach five minutes late. Somehow, you manage to convince yourself that skipping the class entirely is the best alternative.

When someone is cleaning your room, you contribute your fair share of efforts. All you do is slowly lift your legs and let gravity take its course, as your legs take their rightful place, once the cleaning is done.

I could highlight several other scenarios, but writing about laziness has made me lazy.

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