The Rise Of Krushna Abhishek’s Career Graph

Here is taking a look at the upward rise in the career graph of TV anchor and actor-comedian Krushna Abhishek.

Krushna Abhishek has grabbed the spot light with his antics and personal life of late.

The comedian and anchor cum actor has been on a roll this year with a slew of shows and much appreciation.

Touted as a wonder ever since he stepped into the entertainment world, Krushna has been maddening. Of late, he was in news for an alleged tiff with Comedy King Kapil Sharma. At a time when few dare to say no to Kapil, Krushna had the gall to refuse being part of Comedy Nights with Kapil. To add to this, he walked in to replace Manish Paul as anchor of Sunil Gutthi Grover’s Mad In India on Star Plus. However now, with the show wrapping up for once and all, Krushna has gone on air stating that he was the rest choice for Grover and not Paul. When asked to explain he said that he was not to keen on working as a host given that had to sit in one place and ask questions. When Paul failed to save the Mad In India ship from sinking, only then did Krushna accede to good friend Grover’s request to host the show.

Luckily, despite Krushna’s Jumping Jack moves and comic timing that found way in his anchoring, Mad In India sank deeper into water.

In addition, Krushna is now enjoying his stint as Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega host and says that this is the perfect platform to exhibit his abilities for impromptu abilities at striking a comic note.

Inviting fresh attention on to himself, Krushna says that he skipped being part of Comedy Nights as he did not want to be part of a large crowd. Krushna believes that shows such as Kapil’s have huge caliber but despite wanting to start one of his own, he believes he cannot contend with being a second. Kapil Sharma has gained popularity because he was the first to come to the forefront with the original concept.

The focus on Krushna’s personal life too never fails to shift. Having lived in with Kashmera Shah for seven years, he very much believes in the ideal of marriage. He plans to tie the knot by the end of this year in Los Angeles. Krushna says that it is time for him to prove his commitment to his lady love. While many believe that being related to Govinda made life easier for him, he denies having any such ease. Fans are very happy with the way their Krushna has been going and with his loyalty in love and commitments in professional life, he is anticipated to go a very long way indeed.



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