Shocking! College Students Forced Into A Prostitution Ring!


This story comes from the land of America and involves a dirty sex racket, shockingly build around college students forced into a prostitution ring.

Recently, after a six-month investigation, Texas authorities in the state of America, have arrested a man named Sumlin, they say, was running a prostitution ring that targeted up to 30 college-aged American women who were forced into flesh trade.

The man was clever enough to lure the women by placing modelling advertisements and then show them the way to easy money, while working his web around colleges and through the internet. The young and aspiring girls, who definitely loved the money part, were easily drawn towards the profession and they had no qualms in landing in an escort business for.

The body measurements worth the business, the acts that they can perform in front of the customers, the attire they need to wear, he taught them everything. He was a hardcore professional and knew how to coerce the innocent girls, looking to pay for their expenses, into a hefty profit making trade.

He was arrested when a police official posing to be a customer visited his business and busted the scam. The investigation is said to be a coordinated effort between the San Antonio police, Dallas police, and the Texas Attorney General’s Office. ​

While this remains a story from another nation, we have many versions of our own country, involving college students and girls from good families too!

Many young girls coming from small towns and districts around metro cities indulge in the oldest profession in the world when they come to the big cities to study or work. Selling sex for money, becomes their easiest mode to survival and some extra stash for a lavish living.

What are the reasons:

Coming from poor families, they dream of better lives, but do not have them. Given the irresistible lures of big cities, the flashy lives, they get mired in this muddy terrain because of poverty. Most of these girls are in the age-group of 18-25 and It is the tempt of the glitter that plays a major role in attracting these small-town girls.

Since these students are young, they get good money from their clients, which is collected either directly or through their brokers. Each girl earns almost 6000 to 10,000 per night. And on an hourly basis, their charging rates are 1500 to 2000, depending upon the client. On an average, each girl indulges in paid sex at least twice a week. So, in a month, they rake in plenty of moolah!

Each girl has more than six-seven SIMs and they keep changing their numbers. That’s the smart way of operating and to keep the covers on!

And quite astonishingly, not all of them are from stark poor homes. There are many who are from decent middle-class homes, and indulge in the skin trade to earn extra stash. A part of this money is spent on their books and other education expenses, but in most of the cases, it is blown on expensive mobiles, la-di-dah makeup, accessories and smart new wardrobes. Almost all these girls are addicted to liquor and live under the illusion of being loaded, faking a lavish lifestyle, just like other rich metro dwellers.

The painful fact remains that a substantial number of college students sink into this dirt, simply to fund their higher education they aspire for. And also, to feed the family in their hometown, and some to fund the education of younger siblings. They do this under the covers of part-time jobs, as told to their families.

We are living in a rotten world, where some attain education only after paying a heavy price!

We hope, these college girls see a way out and decide to live a respectable life.

We wish a happy student life to them.

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