How Bigg Boss Is Doing A Great Service To The Society!

This is a satire on Bigg Boss. It talks about how the reality show is doing some genuine service to the society even though it is to be not considered an intellectual show.

Bigg Boss and doing service to the society?

You guys must be thinking if we are out of our mind.

No, trust us, we have valid points to prove that Bigg Boss is not just a reality game show, but it is indeed a boon to our Indian society.

It is doing great work and has the potential to bring substantial change! Read on guys!

1).     The show’s season lasts for approximately three and a half months and 14-16 people are locked inside as candidates. Now these are no ordinary people; they are some of the most volatile, emotionally unstable and short-tempered people out on the loose. Bigg Boss makes sure that they are locked away so they can cause no harm to the society! Who knows the circumstances inside the house tames them a little so they come out as reformed people!

2).     The show’s duration is for an hour and audience is made to watch an entire day’s proceedings which are mostly filled with anger, oral abusive violence and what not. After watching and deliberating who is conspiring against whom, most people lose their own appetite to fight in their own home with their near and dear ones. Less violence in real life, isn’t it a great thing?

3).     The house inmates are either very fit or they become fitter after entering the house by doing their work outs more religiously. For a common man, he or she watches these inmates’ physique changing on a daily basis which must be so motivating for them. Society needs fit and healthy people and Bigg Boss is doing its own bit for the worthy cause!

4).     This particular point caters to the sadistic desires present inside all of us, but very few bring them out in full public display. These so called celebrity contestants inside the house think of themselves as somewhat superior to others, but Bigg Boss house makes them do all the cleaning and washing on their own. For us mere mortals, what can give us more sadistic pleasure than watching these fake celebrities living a life most of us loath to live! Sadistic or no sadistic, pleasure is pleasure, isn’t it?

5).     The show leads to national integration! Don’t look at us like that, we are serious. Everyone gets hooked on to the show at the prescribed hour of the night irrespective of their caste, colour, creed or regionality. Not only that, the next day is spent in discussing gossips about the show without a concern about anyone’s religious or cultural background! Isn’t it unity in diversity? Hmmm

6).      The show provides a big relief to all those guys who have Sallu bhai loving girlfriends. It eases the load on their pockets. Now to take one’s girlfriend to watch Salman Khan’s movie is a costly affair these days. However, when Bigg Boss is on air, the girlfriends get free dosage of Sallu bhai twice a week! That’s one of the reasons guys also love Salman Khan so much!

7).     Last, but not the least, it gives total, paisa-vasool entertainment! Now there is no doubt that the show caters to our intrinsic desires of watching drama and getting satisfaction out of it. There are tones of dramatic moments in the show, specially designed for our emotional taste-buds and we are always served a dishful of it!

Don’t you agree with us that Bigg Boss is indeed doing a great service to the society and nation as a whole?

In fact we have a suggestion for them too.

Why not make a Bigg Boss museum instead of dismantling the house and throwing stuff away?

The makers can surely dismantle the house, but save some parts of it in a museum where people can come and see for real the vessels used in fights or quilts used to do secret romance etc etc! Good way to earn money as well, right?

Just saying you know..!

Only two weeks remain for this year’s season to start, gear up for some dhamaakedaar entertaining flight!

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