Beware Of The Hunterrr As He Just Wants To F**K You!!!


Some guys can clearly differentiate between sex and love.

They manage to keep these two things separate. Sex is nothing more than just a physical need for them.

This typical attitude is portrayed by the protagonist of the upcoming film, Hunterrr where the actor plays the character of such kind of guys who just want sex.

He might be passionately kissing you but there is absolutely no dearth of emotions in his heart for you.

If both enjoy this kind of ‘no strings attached’ intimacy then there is absolutely no problem.

But what if you are the emotional kinds and might end up falling in love with him?

Such men seem harmless and very attractive. They are sweet talkers and would drive you crazy. But if you happen to get emotional then you are just digging your own grave. Be careful as you are just going to get badly hurt.

1st rule:

Don’t refrain

Such guys view girls as target objects to fulfill their lust. They won’t force you but would make you come to them. Initially their sight might irritate you but you won’t even realize how you ended up in his bed.

The more you say no the more he is going to try. So deny him in a manner that sounds convincing.

For example if he is asking you out then make an excuse that sounds convincing. Avoid him in a manner that you aren’t showing your disinterest directly.

2nd rule:

Don’t introduce your boyfriend/ husband to him.

Many girls think that their committed status would give a clear message to the guy. But these kinds of guys aren’t interested in commitment anyways. So it doesn’t really matter if you are seeing someone or not.

Scoring on a committed woman is like an achievement for them.

Meet him if you feel like, with a bunch of your guy friends. He would definitely not expect you to meet him with a bunch of guys. This will perfectly spoil his plans.

Also seeing your buddy nature he would get to see a different side of a woman. He might start actually liking this nature.

3rd rule:

Don’t believe a word he says.

Such kinds of guys are usually sweet talkers and extra chivalrous. Don’t be shy to the chivalry. If you are getting the attention then might as well enjoy it but don’t take it to be true.

Never believe anything he says.

Don’t nod to his stupid talks. Ask him something tricky and be a total spoilsport to his act of wooing.

 4th rule:

Show your displeasure to any physical contact.

Make it very clear that physical contacts turn you off. He should know that you are just going to stop being his friend if he crosses the line.

That would make him be careful with you.

5th rule:

Don’t give them the importance.

Your world doesn’t revolve around him. You have priorities in your life and he is not even 0.1% important to you. Have a proper control on your emotions.

6th rule:

Be reserved.

Never reveal anything about yourself to him. These guys are pretty smart. They won’t reveal a thing about themselves but would make you super comfy. You would end up sharing your thoughts and deepest secrets with them.

P.S. They aren’t listening. They are just patient to woo you to bed.

7th rule:

Don’t reveal your emotions.

It is fine to be an extrovert but don’t express your emotions ever. These kinds of guys just know to master the art of playing with emotions but they themselves stay far away from emotions.

8th rule:

Turn the tables on him.

Try asking him about his friends and family. His friends would give you the clear picture of the kind of person he is. If he intends to just bang you then you would get the clear message from his friends.

9th rule:

If all the above rules fail:

Even after all the above knowledge you never know when your heart skips a beat. If you somehow manage to fall for him then never reveal the feeling. There is no harm when girls make the first move but this is a clear case of rejection.

Wait for the time and play it safe. Who knows maybe he genuinely starts liking you? Then the choice is yours. If you want to play with his emotions the way he had been doing or if you want to be with him.

After all, why should boys have all the fun?

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