These Are The Scariest Aliens We Have Come Across So Far

Scariest Aliens

Scariest aliens – We all have a soft corner for alien movies. Aliens movies generally tug at our heartstrings for showing something beyond the mortal world and whetting our curiosity towards them .

The sci-fi movie worms live in their own imaginary world where they have regular encounters with aliens their state-of-the-art machinery, their mechanical voice and UFOs, to say the least.

But to their greatest dismay, so far there was no alien apocalypse has been reported on Earth if not in the movies. So, sadly, we had to make do with whatever was shown in the sci-fi movies and here are the scariest aliens they have shown so far:

Scariest aliens –

1 – The faceless alien:

We have come across this type in the X Files who were eyeless and rebels fighting against the alienkind to get infected by a virus. They have even gone for self-mutilation for achieving that. They are aliens but they can shape-shift so that pass for humans easily.

2 – Weeping Angels:

The Blink, 2007 episodes of Doctor Who featured these creepy kinds of aliens looking like the statues in the old churches. The best revenge they apply on their foes is that they send them back in time instead of killing them. You can’t blink before them, if you do, they will steadily come closer and closer.

3 – The Thing:

The film, The Thing came to the heels of E.T which was a massive hit at the box office. This film featured really scary lot of aliens who could shape-shift into humans. The genre of the movie was sci-fi horror.

4 – The Sarlacc:

This ‘Star Wars’ alien has changed little over the years and the Sarlacc was a giant hole in the deser with huge, pointy teeth. It was made by CGI but really scared us out of our wits.

5 – The Daleks:

These were also shown in Doctor Who as enemies. Although these doesn’t look as much scary, just looking like an upside down dustbin, but they are indiscriminate killers to tell you the fact. It simply houses a ruthless mutant inside.

6 – The Blob:

This belongs from the 1985 film which looks downright scary. A giant gelatinous mound rather leaves us squeamish. It has a habit to swallow people in the whole but the only antidote for this is cold.

7 – The Shadows:

These are also depicted as the “ultimate force of evil in the galaxy” which are ruthless to the core. This belongs from the TV series “Babylon 5” which are exoskeleton looking like spiders but with 6 jagged legs. These are incorporeal beings that merge with shadows and attack through stealth. They also bioengineer deadly weapons.

Scariest aliens – You may think the aliens are the figments of imagination but what imaginations at that, completely body hair-raising. Revisiting these movies will be fun now it seems.


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