You May Be Weird If You Eat These Foods

Foods that weird people eat

Foods that weird people eat – It is a sole criterion of travelling to sample the local cuisine.

Take for instance, if you are in Paris, you should try the lip-smacking crêpe or if you are in Japan, Sushi is your go-to.

Not everyone has a stomach for trying out the local cuisines of different countries whatsoever, you should be adventurous to rock the boat, you should be ready to be catered anything, from bugs to blood which might demand sheer brevity out of you.

So, here are some Foods that weird people eat, with brave heart. Reversely, these foods are weird so you have got to be weird to eat these.

Foods that weird people eat –

1. Dragonfly:

If you are in Indonesia and China, you may be treated to Dragonfly that tastes similar to shell crab.

2. Starfish:

It is mostly served in China with the hard shell broken and you are meant to eat the fleshy flesh inside that tastes like a clubbing of toothpaste and ground beef.

3. Kangaroo meat:

Since Australia is the breeding ground of Kangaroos, so no prizes for guessing you will get to taste this cuisine here. It tastes similar to buffalo meat.

4. Jellied Moose Nose:

It is a renowned delicacy in Canada where noose nose is boiled in onion, garlic, spices and vinegar to tickle your tastebuds.

5. Wasp crackers:

It is served in Japan and found exclusively 100 miles away from Tokyo in a town known as Omachi.

6. Stargazy Pie:

This cuisine is famous in England. It is an archaic pie from Cornwell believed to honour a fisherman who braved a stormy winter and went out to serve fish.

7. Lutefisk:

This is fermented aged Whitefish in an Iye. Norway is famous for this cuisine.

8. Haggis:

You will get to eat Haggis if you are in Scotland. They stuff sheep’s stomach with sheep’s liver, lungs and heart along with onions, oatmeal and spices,

9. Stink Bugs:

You have guessed it, Africa serves Stink Bugs that are cooked and incorporated with an Apple flavour. This leaves a tranquilizing effect on you.

10. Akutaq (Eskimo Ice Cream):

This is served in Alaska and certainly doesn’t adhere to the concept of an ice-cream because it’s not so sweet. This is made of Reindeer fat, seal oil, freshly fallen snow, berries and ground fish.

11. Casu Marzu:

This cuisine is served in Mexico and thousands of maggots are served in cheese.

12. Beondegi:

This cuisine is devoured in Korea which is inundated with silkworm pupae and steamed before serving as a snack.


13. Nsenene:

You will find this cuisine in Uganda where log-horned grasshoppers are fried, sun-dried or boiled to be eaten by the locals.

14. Witchetty Grub:

This is served in Australia. Buggery grub is eaten raw or sautéed which tastes similar to egg topped with nutty flavour.

15. Cherry Blossom Meat:

This cuisine is served in Japan and sold during the cherry blossom season, actually raw horse meat this is.

16. Jumiles:

This is served in Mexico which actually are stink bugs prepared with intense spices.

17. Shirako:

This famous cuisine of Japan is actually fish sperm sacks.

These are the Foods that weird people eat – Visiting these countries will be a lifetime experience for you but tasting these cuisines, well we leave this on your judgment. But do tell us how they felt.

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