#IntrovertInconveniences After Getting an Extrovert Roommate

When introvert meets extrovert – When you are an introvert person, or just don’t prefer socialising much, your worst dream can come true in the form of an extrovert roommate.

When you are an introvert person, or just don’t prefer socialising much, your worst dream can come true in the form of an extrovert roommate.

Even if you have not yet hung out with an extrovert, know this that they are the absolute opposite of your personality.

Acclimatising yourself with one such individual can seem like a pain in the neck.

Over time, you will find it coming to light and you losing the will to live…well, figuratively.

Nevertheless, for your own peace of mind, it is imperative that you learn to either go with the flow or put your foot down and come to an arrangement that benefits both.

Here we look at some of the problems that an introvert faces when an extrovert individual moves in with them –

Talkative Roommate


One of the qualities that set the extroverts apart from everyone is their talkative nature. An introvert, on the other hand, likes their quiet time. An extrovert, at the end of a day, would like to share the day’s experience, but the introvert would like reading one of the books.

Constantly-on-the-Phone Roommate


Constant talks on phone is another issue that bothers most introverts, as they actually prefer a quiet environment at any point of time in the day. Extroverts like to talk about all kinds of topics that range from sports to relationship and Bollywood. Trust us, introverts do not care!

 Partying Roommate


An extrovert would also like to bring over friends. This does not necessarily mean for the partying reasons, but just to have a conversation about something that they love. Having unknown persons coming in time and again might cause introverts a great deal of inconvenience.

Socially Active Roommate


Extroverts often request the companionship of their introvert roommate for an event or a social outing. Introverts are not too keen on visiting spaces with too many people in them. On such instances, they tend to cook up some of the lamest excuses on would never hear.

Requesting Roommate


Extroverts come with a great deal of built-in enthusiasm. They often approach their introvert roommate to help them with their requirements.

Loud Noise Roommate

Introverts are not fans of loud music either. If it were up to them, they would always have soothing music playing within their surroundings. Loud music is a strict no!


These are just some of the many concerns that become an issue for an introvert person when they get an extrovert roommate.

It is crucial that both parties look after each other’s preference and help one another bring out the best behaviour.

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