These Weird Food Combinations Are So Delicious That You Will Never Forget The Tastes!

Foodies all over the world are constantly experimenting with food. They want to taste different cuisines and want to try out anything that sounds out of the box.

Naughty, sexy and full of happiness!

Food can be these and so much more!

Real foodies all over the world keep experimenting with their dishes and end up combining food items you’ll never even dream of eating.

Here are some absolutely mind blowing food combinations that you would never think exist!

Dark Chocolate And Parmesan Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Dark chocolate and cheese are perfect examples of food made in heaven. And what happens when you combine the two? You get a delicious mix of sweet and savory. Coarsely chop some dark chocolate and take 4 slices of Parmesan cheese. Put the dark chocolate on one side of the bread slice and top it with cheese. Put the second slice over this now. Microwave for 30 seconds. Heat a grill pan and rub it with vegetable oil. Grill until the bread turns golden brown. The yummy chocolate will ooze out of the sandwich, just in time for you to devour it.

Jam On Scrambled Eggs

We see them on the breakfast table together so often and yet we can’t imagine this weird combination. Try it out this time you make some scrambled eggs. Toast bread slices and put jam on the toast. Put the scrambled eggs over it and another bread slice. You can experiment with jellies and fruit pulps  too. We would suggest some maple syrup or honey on top! A truly divine way to start your day!

Maggi With Sugar and Potato Chips

Yes we are talking about Maggi with sugar. The idea is to make it a bit sweet and sour. Add some tomato ketchup and soya sauce in your maggi along with a pinch of sugar. Don’t let the maggi be runny. Have this delicious combination with potato chips. At night, when you want to have munchies and cook yourself this unusual dish, you will thank us with all your heart!

Eggplant and Honey

This sounds ridiculous right? But trust us and go for it. Peel and slice an eggplant and cut it into thin round slices. Now out these in an airtight container and pour two cups of milk in it. Refrigerate this over night. In a pan, mix ½ cup flour with 1 tsp. salt. Take a pan and heat two tablespoons of olive oil. When the oil is hot, put the eggplant slices in the flour and cover it with it. Tap off the excess. Now place these slices gently into the oil and pan fry them drizzle some honey on top and relish with astonishment.

A lot of food combinations seem like they won’t work but believe me they do! And truly awesome they do. If you also have some whacky recipes to share, let us know! Experimenting is fun for sure!

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