#FoodsOfIndia ‘“ Would You Risk Eating These?

Spicy is just one of the many words used to describe the Indian cuisines. Although some of them are tasty, others are downright weird.

Ask any tourist visiting India about the local food and the first word that will come out of their mouths is ‘spicy’.

Spicy is just one of the many words used to describe the Indian cuisines. Some other words include hot, fat, oily and diversity.

Let us stress on that last word – diversity. India is a land of mixed ethnicities and cultures, but drawing the line somewhere is imperative.

I say this because in some regions of the country, the culinary delights are downright weird. Still think Indian foods are irresistible? Go through details about these dishes to arrive at a judgement.

Frog Legs

For the Lepchas community that lives in Sikkim, frog legs are one of the most exotic cuisines that they can relish at any time. One of the reasons behind consuming this grub is the belief that the legs of a frog contain therapeutic properties that can cure dysentery and other health ailments. The next time you hear ‘croak’, jump in that direction to catch your potential meal.

Red Ant Chutney

Red Ant chutney is more prevalent in Chhattisgarh rather than in any other part of India. Upon consuming this chutney, you get a sharp and spicy taste, bringing you the degustation experience of a lifetime. Along with the red ants come their eggs that augment the overall flavour of the chutney. The next time red ants crawl out of spaces within your house walls, go “fresh chutney!”

Eri Polu

Have you ever eaten a dish that comes from pupas of the silk worm? Some inhabitants in Assam use the Eri silkworm for consumption, once it has spun its cocoon. It is served along with Khorisa, another exotic dish in this part of the country, which they prepare from fermented bamboo shoots. Step into Bear Grylls’ shoes before trying this dish.

Doh Khleh

The thought of consuming the combination of pork and onion does not seem as daunting. The dish named Doh Khleh is a salad that people in Meghalaya prepare using the combination of pork and onion.  However, here is the catch. They garnish the salad with steamed pig brain, which is another delicacy in Meghalaya. Pig brain. Yes, you heard that right.


In the North East part of India resides a tribe by the name Jaintia. One of their meals include the amalgamation of blood of the chicken and pig intestines as the main ingredients. What other dish seems as crazier as this?


The Garo tribe residing in Meghalaya prepares this one-of-a-kind ‘delicacy’ that includes dried fish blended with distilled ashes and vegetables. Although dried fish is popular in many parts of India, Nahkham is pongy and not instantly likeable. People, who have eaten the dish, have termed it as one of the stinkiest dishes they have ever tasted.

India, without a doubt, is a land of surprises. When it comes to food and nourishment, every state and tribes residing there have their share of theories.

Whether to eat them or not is ultimately your decision.

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