Foods That Are Increasing Your BP And You Have No Idea About This

Foods that increase your BP

Foods that increase your BP – We all very well know that salt is the main source of causing ‘BP’ i.e. blood pressure in the body. Yes, too much of sodium into the body leads to high pressure in the body. Not only high blood pressure, this in turn leads to heart diseases.

But the fact here is – they are many food items who consumption leading to high blood pressure in the body. Have a look.

Foods that increase your BP –

  1. Canned tomato sauces

These are preservatives containing lots of salts in it, just to keep them fresh. And it shows that about one cup of tomato sauce has about 680 milligrams of sodium, that means loads and loads of sodium. Look right at these facts people. So, the next time when you are served your favorite dish of pasta with tomato sauce, avoid consuming it totally and limit yourself.

  1. Energy drinks

Drinks like the energy boasters are a blend of many elements like caffeine, different stimulators, sugars and many more, which lead to systolic and diastolic blood pressure. So, the next time avoid these so-called energy drinks, in case you are planning to decrease your blood pressure.

  1. Processed and frozen food

Though it may look quite fashionable to just gulp in those ready-made food stuff available in the market. But in the process, you tend to forget the effects of such processed and frozen food. The processed foods are loaded with lot and lots of sodium and the frozen foods also having high amounts of salts. But, you see a lot of fashion and trending running around, in just getting home these processed foods and gulping them away.

  1. Bacon

Though it may be the source of fat, it is said that about just three thin slices of bacons have about 270 milligramsof sodium. This may surprise you, but the fact. So for all the meat lovers out there, the next time you are served with your favorite bacons – avoid them totally if you are really in plans to lower the blood pressure levels in your body.

  1. Dairy

This may sound strange to many of you! But here the fact is – about one glass of low fat milk contains about 100 milligrams of sodium naturally. And by dairy products, it includes various other products like cheese and butter too.

Foods that increase your BP- Avoid such foods containing loads and loads of sodium, for a better and healthy life free of health issues like blood pressure and heart diseases. Good day!!

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