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RIP Sachin Tendulkar instead of Phil Hughes -Times Of India published Sachin’s tweet about Phil Hughes with an error that can seriously never be forgiven.

The so called ‘Mainstream Indian Newspaper’ – Times Of India published the biggest blunder ever.

In a country where cricket is almost like a religion and Sachin Tendulkar is literally worshipped and is considered the God of Cricket World, TOI makes the blunder of killing the legend.

Instead of RIP Phil Hughes they print RIP Sachin Tendulkar.

The saddening news about Phil Hughes death shocked the entire world.

The 25yr old Australian cricketer was struck by a delivery from Sean Abbott during a domestic match against New South Wales.

Prayers started flowing for his fight for survival. His death shattered the entire world. A cricketer dying at his prime and that too whilst playing a match disturbed the entire world…who would have ever thought of a game taking such an ugly turn?

But TOI?

Man they just made the news more shocking with this horrendous error of printing Sachin’s tweet wrongly.

This was what the lengend tweeted:

They posted Sachin’s tweet about Phil Hughes with an error that can seriously never be forgiven.

RIP Sachin Tendulkar? Seriously???

Now this isn’t just a mistake it’s a crime when you make such an erroneous blunder of this intensity. The entire world grieved Sachin Tendulkar’s retirement from International cricket.

His farewell match witnessed the most historic moment in the world of cricket last year as he played his last International match.

Entire Wankhede was cheering and sobbing with the master blaster as he gave his farewell speech during his last International Test match against WI.

Imagine the psyche of all the cricket fanatics at this blunder that too by a mainstream newspaper of our country?

TOI people definitely won’t forgive you this time.

One piece of advice: Please hire copy editors as you are in some serious requirement of people in that position.

P.S. We at Youngisthan believe in giving authentic information…hence we crosschecked with the printed paper we had…the tweet wasn’t faulty. We suspect you might have corrected it. Please enlighten us from where was this information leaked and God how could you even think of making this grave error?

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