Tired After A Long Day? Grab These Healthy Food Items for Instant Energy!

Foods for instant energy

Foods for instant energy – Eating the right food and at the right time has become a fad these days!

Not that we are complaining!

But when you are tired after a long day, you don’t want to think about health and most of the time, end up grabbing the most unhealthy food items to respond to those hunger pangs.

But a tired body needs energy and it should get the right dosage especially when it is most vulnerable.

Let’s discuss foods for instant energy – five food items that don’t really need much of preparation, but are packed with energy and nutrients.

Foods for instant energy – Feel instantly revived! 

Foods for instant energy

1).     Fresh Fruits Salad Dressed With Honey

I would recommend bananas, apples or oranges for your salad, which are loaded with vitamin C, antioxidants, and fiber. Fruits are the healthiest way to increase sugar levels in your body. Juices are good too but make sure you have a freshly-squeezed glass and not the packaged one. Remember it is always better to have the whole fruit rather than its juice. And make it more visually appealing and satisfyingly appetizing, just chop the fruits, make a fruit salad, pour a generous spoon full of honey over it and munch to your heart’s content.

2).     Yogurt and Cereal

Yogurt, in itself, is an amazing food that only has positives. Packed with carbohydrates and protein, it is perfect for that evening when you reach home by 7 pm. Dinner is some time away and you are dying of hunger. Take that bowl of yogurt and add some cereal to it for fiber and energy. It will keep your stomach in place for at least a couple of hours and will hardly take two minutes to prepare!

3).     Dry Fruits and Dark Chocolate

We are tired of counting the benefits of including dry fruits in your diet. From almonds and walnuts to cashews and pistachio, they are all full of good fats, fiber and Omega 3. Add a little zing to your dry-fruit case by pushing in a few pieces of your favorite dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is a proven uplifter and packs a punch of energy within. Carry this combo with you or keep them at your dining table. You won’t even need to enter the kitchen to have them! And both together in your mouth would taste like heaven.

I have a friend who went a step ahead and she made these healthy chocolate bars at home by melting dark chocolate in a pan, adding dry fruits to it and freezing them in refrigerator. The ready-to-go bars are found in her purse for those anytime-hunger trips.

Warning: It is very easy to overeat these small yummy packets of energy so do keep a check on the number of nuts and chocolate pieces you are having each day!

4).     Hard Boiled Eggs

Another protein-packed food that’s great for the body. And the best part is you can actually hard boil them and keep them in your fridge. Eggs contain energy-enhancing minerals like zinc, phosphorous and chromium and are perfect for a tired body. Boiling is the healthiest way to eat eggs. Just take them out of your fridge, peel, sprinkle a little salt and pepper and grab a healthy bite. If you have a little time and inclination, add a handful of chopped salad veggies of your choice like carrots, cucumber, or capsicums, to add a little color and more taste. Healthy and satiating at the same time! You can have 2-4 eggs every alternate day to get your dose of proteins and nutrients.

5). Water

Yeah we know you can’t eat water! But many a times, when you think you are hungry, you are actually THIRSTY! We can’t emphasize more on the importance of drinking loads of water each day but it is even more important to have a glass of water when you feel tired. Even slight dehydration can lead to fatigue and if you want to avoid it, keep a water bottle handy at all times. Before you tend to eat unhealthy giving up to those hunger pangs, drink a glass full of water and you get that instant boost. This also lets you buy little time and your brain can think about healthier food options within reach.

These are the foods for instant energy – So, no more grabbing junk food on the way or eating sweets for energy! As they say, it is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver! Preserve it for a longer innings!

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