Born To Be Free: Why Living Independent Is A Kickass Idea!

Why living alone is the best thing – Living alone is a concept that is lost on Indians as the tradition of joint family still exits in the country. Nevertheless, living alone can have numerous benefits, thanks to the independence it brings.

“Living alone” is a concept that is not synonymous to Indians, for even today in many parts of the country joint family is a common norm.

Bachelors, who prefer living without their family members, often find themselves at the end of nit-picks coming from elders.

Nevertheless, some of them do not give a squat about the society or what people talk about them and eventually go on with their decision to live alone. They are acquainted with the perks that come along with it.

Let us walk through a few of those benefits –

When you live alone, you are answerable to no one for your actions. You can wake up late in the morning, or afternoon, and you will not have anyone complaining about the same.


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