Should We Avoid Junk food? Yes! Could We Do It? No!

taste of junk food

Taste of junk food – Nowadays, the modern generation is totally mad over Junk food.

We just can’t resist that redolence of Pizzas and burgers. So, why do we love somewhat that is literally referred to garbage? Well, our taste buds crave for it. We say no to Dal-Rot, but we nod our heads to spicy, oily food, which is so not good for health.

Solution? Here it is! We tried to infuse the taste of junk food and nutrients of healthy food and guess what we succeed.

Taste of junk food

  1. Junk food turns healthy.

No doubt, we will not step on the way to veggies, but if those veggies are served as Subway or Chaat, will you still refuse it? Of course,NOT!

  1. Say Cheese!

‘A cheese pasta’ delicious but unhealthy, ‘A Chicken Sandwich’ with double cheese, healthy yet delectable. Fusion Done!

  1. Have a quickie.

A long day, you are tired, but guess what you’ve to COOK! Off already! I mean, who’s going to spend hours in the kitchen, when we can have something quickie and healthy to eat. And yes, healthy means utterly delicious. Best answer, always go for something that is already stored away. A simple cup of wheat noodles would do.

  1. Celebrations call for Junk Food. NO!

This is just a western tradition we are following to. So, rather going for something fancy, like cheese baked nachos, one can opt DahiBhalle. You could also make fancy dishes at home in a healthy way, because it makes a huge difference.

  1. Who called sweets as Junk? Angry much!

Call those pieces of heaven Junk and you’re dead (Sarcastically). Sweets are the most wonderfully and deliciousl made Junk Food (Pardon!). We just can’t stop relishing those and would not recommend to stop having that. But the best option is, make sweets at home so that you could sugar-free instead of sugar, that would balance your sugar intake and you’ll be able to put a full stop on your sweet cravings.

But on the top, we all love the taste of Junk food and probably we’ll never stop eating that. We just love to eat those mushy cakes or that cheese burger as relishes our taste buds. We love it, but love hurts. Sometimes!

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