These Are Unique Ways Through Which You Can Look Slimmer and Feel Confident

Look Slimmer

Look Slimmer – We always keep our fashion dreams bottled away and boil down to regular clothing. What really takes a toll on our confidence is our body.

Well, we can embrace our bodies as they are but the relentless beauty standards that are set by models and fashion connoisseurs make us appear as small as grasshoppers. It is not always possible to get your fashion game on point, one becomes a fashion-zorro through series of faux pas but the foremost requirement to appear confident is to be proud of whatever you have got.

You can always fix the protruding flesh through smart dressing. After all, fashion is a trick in to make people believing you are slimmer and confident.

So, here are some simple tricks that will help you Look Slimmer :

1 – Wear vertical stripes:

Vertical stripes create an optical illusion of slimness. Your extra pounds will be trimmed in seconds by wearing a vertical striped dress or a pencil skirt.

2 – Black be your bae:

Dark colours are your go-to when you have a curvaceous figure because they hide your flaws effortlessly. We are here pressing on Black because that brings forth the X-factor too.

3 – Wear good shapewear:

Shapewears are made to hide your bulges and shape up your breasts. You haven’t missed the boat yet if you haven’t invested in a piece of good shapewear. In case if you are wearing tight-fitted clothes, especially Bodycon dresses, a good shapewear can be your ultimate saving grace.

4 – Stilettoes with pointed toes:

Pointed toes are ruling the roost in fashion scene for quite some time now. These have charmed the hearts of many Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities alike and now that they are available in affordable prices, look no further than investing in a few classy pointed toe stilettoes that will help you look slimmer and it is a proven fact that wearing heels notch up your confidence to superlatives.

5 – Hide the problem areas:

Not every woman has common problem areas, they differ. However, if you conceal them smartly, it won’t rain in your parade in the party. Most Indian women have the problem of heavy bottom so add up a chunky neckpiece with your outfit to attract all the attention to your nose thereby diverting from your hip area. In likely manner, if your busts are heavy, you can deviate the attention to your waist by throwing in a heavy belt so that people will notice your belt, not your breasts.

6 – Good lingerie:

Lingerie plays a pivotal role in your appearance. You need to feel confident inside to look beautiful outside. We urge you to invest in some underwired bras which minimize the shape of your breasts and are seamless too.

So, these are the tried-and-tested methods to look slimmer in whatever you choose to wear. Stop rubbing the bottle and wait for the genie to appear and trim down your extra kilos, follow these simple pointers which will help you nip the problem.

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