5 Inexpensive Ways To Look Younger And Slimmer In Layers This Winter!


Heya girls! Winters are here and so are the layer trends!

While the winter styling and layers make us look hip and trendy, they can also make us look grumpy and old and fat, if we do not really know how to keep up with them, using the real tricks.

Moreover, the winter season is the season of eating good food and putting on a few extra kilos which bothers a lot while wearing up fashion clothes.

Do not fret at all! Here are 5 inexpensive ways to look younger, slimmer and trendier this winter season, without shelling out loads of money . Go for them!

  1. Keep Long Hair With Highlights

Vertical lines are the best effect that can be used to look slimmer. Simply for the reason that vertical lines take the eyes from up and down. This trick is normally used in clothing, but you can also use it in your hair. Create vertical effect by highlighting your hair appropriately, a trick that is even more helpful if you have long hair. Long hair also give your neck an elongated effect which is definitely good to project a slimmer look.

  1. Contour Your Face While Enhancing The Cheekbones

Contouring is one easy to do and maintain makeup trick which works wonders on your face to give it a slimmer look. This a trick that can easily be incorporated in your daily beauty routine. Stars like Kim Kardashian swear by it. But remember, there is a certain way that you should contour your cheekbones to make you look thinner. If you are one of those who have been contouring your face all wrong, and making your cheeks appear bigger, this is just the technique for you. To do it the right way and give the optimal effect, find the very center of your cheek and use a bronzing powder or even a blush that is much darker than your skin color and gently sweep the contour from your cheeks to the tops of your ears. Once you are done, lightly dust the area under your jaw with a translucent powder first and the same colour bronzer next. This will help to better accentuate your cheekbones and jawline, making your face look much thinner overall. Do not forget to base up your face with a good foundation before you apply any coloured makeup.

  1. Add A Lot of Volume To Your Hair

If you flat, unflattering hair, this will draw all the attention to your face and make it appear fuller. Giving a lot of  volume to your hair will make your face look smaller in comparison to your hair. Waves, highlights and curls are the best bet to create a more slender looking face. You can get started by increasing the volume around the crown of your head, which helps to make your face look narrow and long. Blow-drying your hair immediately after a wash also helps to give a greater volume without much hassle. Use curlers to get that perfect look for a winter party. Make sure you use good quality conditioners and hair gels to help retain the hair-do for hours together.

  1. The Secret Ingredient – The Face-Lift Tape

Well, yes! This is the secret even for many Bollywood and Hollywood actresses who maintained a younger look even in their 40s. You might not even have heard of face-lift tape, and those who have are apprehensive about it because they think that the tape is grossly visible. We say, no it is not! The best face-lift tape is invisible and can easily be hidden under the hair on the back of your head. This tape works a great way to give your face a younger and thinner look by tightening the excess skin around the jaw line, while accentuating the bones further. If face-lift tape is good enough for the A-Listers in B- Town and Hollywood, then it should be good enough for you too. Go get it.

  1. The Dark Clothing And Leggy Styles

When it comes to choosing the styles for winters to look younger and slimmer, you must stick to darker hues. No, we are not saying that all your cold weather garments have to be black, but you can deliberately choose darker shades like charcoal grey, deep plum, chocolate brown, deep blue and dark cranberry to help you look your thinnest. To perk up the dark, dull look, add brightly colored scarves, hats, jewelry and other accessories. For your legs, we do have some dressing suggestions to help you look younger. When wearing a dress or skirt, put on dark wool stockings underneath for a super slimming effect. Do not wear flat shoes , wear boots or shoes with a heel to elongate the look of your legs, making them appear slimmer. If your choice is pants, wear straight lined trousers to the office. For the weekends or outings, slim bootcut or slighly flared jeans create a thinner silhouette.

Here you are, with awesome tips from head to toe, to give you the most coveted slimmer and younger look this winter and rock the cozy season with a flair.

Go make the best of it!

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