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Lives Saved By An Animal

Lives Saved By An Animal – Believe it or not, sometimes animal can be a person’s best-friend. Just like FRIENDS, even they can save your LIFE. Those who have pets will agree that pets love their owners a lot. Not just pets, you know; sometimes other animals can actually save you and bring you out of trouble. On Reddit, a question was asked “Redditors whose lives were saved by animals, what happened?” Surprisingly, many people revealed their story and here we have listed some.

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  1. This happened to my cousin (7 years old). We were in India on a top part of the highway (Kinda like a bridge; another highways goes under that part) and there was part of a mountain on the side with a lot of monkeys (macaques). They kept on trying to get our food and stuff (we were parked on the side to take a snack break) when all of a sudden my cousin is looking down at the other highway and starts to tip over the railing and is about to fall. One of the monkeys grabbed his shirt and pulled him back, saving his life. Yes we gave the monkeys some food.
  2. I was walking my dog a couple of months ago. We were about to cross the road when she started pulling back toward the pavement, I thought it was just her being a pain but I took her to the side anyway to be sure. What I hadn’t seen was her pulling me away from a van that had mounted the kerb and was doing about 60mph in a 20 school zone. It missed me by less than a meter and hit the area I was standing about 2 seconds before. Pretty close call.
  3. Not sure if I would have gotten killed, but when I was 12 or so a Raccoon (which may of been rabid) started stalking me and eventually charged me. My Bad ass Russian Blue Cat named Mr. Giggles came out the fucking bushes like Gandalf the White at Helms Deep and saved my ass and fought that Coon off. That Cat died 2 years ago and damn do I miss that little killing machine.
  4. When I was 13 I was going to hang myself in my bedroom when my dog came in and just laid on the floor and looked at me. I’m not sure if he knew what was up or if he had just heard something late at night and came to check it out, but I’m really grateful that he did. I spent the rest of the night sobbing and hugging him.
  5. I have asthma. While it’s usually controlled, I’ve had a few bad attacks this year. One night my chest was a little tight, but I was already in bed so i thought fuck it, I don’t need to get my inhaler from across the apartment, I will be fine. My dog spent the next 45 minutes whining at me. I tried everything to calm her down, but nothing was working. She didn’t want food, water, or to go outside. In desperation I finally got up to do a “show me” and try to settle her down. Since I was already up, I took a few puffs of my inhaler. The dog IMMEDIATELY turned around and went to her bed. She was trying to tell me I needed the inhaler.
  6. My sister vomited in her sleep as an infant on her back. Tory our black lab woke up my parents who found my sister suffocating in her own throw up but alive.
  7. My parents told me our dog saved my life when we were on a family trip in the mountains, hiking up to a waterfall. I tripped and started to slide off the side of the path under the hand railing, and our dog, a large Rottweiler, grabbed me by my coat and pulled me back right before I would have fallen down a steep bank into a fast moving river. That dog was my best friend growing up, I miss him.

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