Meet Harlso, A 2 Y.O. Dog Who Is Now An Instagram Celebrity Known For His Balancing Skills!


Harlso the Dachshund, who is only 2 Y.O, has become an Internet sensation for his balancing skills.

Harlso balances things like- Rubber bones, Cakes, Bread rolls, Light Bulbs, A football, Carrots, Cupcakes, Toilet paper and many more.

Take a look at this snap and believe me, he is incredible.


Impressive, isn’t it?

Well, his owners Paul Lavery & Jennifer Scott discovered their 2 year-old’s balancing talent by accident. According to a source, the owners revealed that “It started as a joke with toy chicken, we set the toy on his head and he stood there not moving for about 2 minutes”.

Check out these pictures: –

1 – Here’s how he celebrated his Halloween


2 – Look at that carrot on his head (Brilliant, right?)


3 – That’s a BIG pineapple glass


4 – Toilet paper!!


5 – A basketball… (Totally amazing)


6 – His light bulb moment


7 – Lake Ball


He is really a talented sausage dog.

And (Just like you now) people are so impressed that they are sending him gifts to balance o his head and oh, he has total 6, 713 followers on Instagram now. (It seems, the numbers will go up and up)

One more thing- His owners are hoping to bring him into the Guinness Book of World Records for balancing more things on a dog’s head.

If you’re amazed then you can follow this balancing buddy here.

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Source: – Daily Mail

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