Everlasting War Since Ages. Mohan Bagan And East Bengal.


Bengali – Bengalis are a foodie, Bengalis are creative, also Bengalis are intelligent but the so-called intelligence vanishes instantly when it is “FOOTBALL”.

They are extremely obsessed about football, this outdoor sport is close to their soul and they can give up anything, yes anything on this sports.

Football is a common game but supported by two categories of Bengalis and being a Bengali we define it as Elish and Chingri (Hilsa and Prawn). Both are the most delicious preparation of the Bengalis which is the favorite of all Bengalis.


But why the difference between Hilsa and Prawn?

Hilsa denote the Mohan Bagan while the Prawns denotes the East Bengal! But at any no means if one dish is offered to the other then neither is going to deny because of the bhaat maach, foodie nature of Bengali, no matter Mohan Bagan or East Bengal.

This rivalry of East Bengal and Mohan Bagan started from football popular as Kolkata Derby; this obsession has divided Bengalis into two:

East Bengal football club is a 98 years old football club being the champions in football leagues for three times, 2001, 2003, 2004, in recent Guess Corp Ltd has signed an agreement, investing on East Bengal can help in the development of the football in the country.


While Mohan Bagan, the strongest football team of India has won the I league and the National Football League three times, 16 times the Durand Cup  and IFA shield for almost 22 times. Mohan Bagan has a large support for the team along with the fans who have been supporting Mohan Bagan to the extreme, that they are obsessed about football.


Both the football team play on the field but the entire Bengalis are seen to face this rivalry watching football, not only in the stadium, every street can find clutters watching the match in a tea stall or groups of Bengalis in the television.

Bengali Movies on Football.

Dhanyee Meyer: A movie with fine strikes of humor together describing the football and the madness it carries within the soul of the Bengalis. Rabi Ghosh, one of the best actor of Bengali movies, famous Bollywood actress Jaya Bhaduri and the evergreen Uttam Kumar starring in this movie, outrageous casting of this particular movie is still loved by the Bengalis no matter young or old, specially the song “tumi football”.


Other movies on football are Mohanbaganer meye and Egaro are two of the movies that have shown the passion for football lovers.

Bengalis are diversified when it comes to football but their passion is similar for  a single reason, football. The everlasting war between the two teams has been since years and it will run for years; no matter if you eat prawns instead of Hilsa or vice versa. Bengalis are fish lovers, fish and food can be shared but no one can divert their mind from their admiring team.

Mohan Bagan or East Bengal though they are on field three times a year whenever the rivalry between them is everlasting.

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