Here is Why Your Scorpio Friend Needs You As Per Your Zodiac

scorpio friend

Scorpio Friend – Well, there is a nip in the weather and bang comes the Scorpio season.

Scorpio is all about brewing some fun and it’s never boring to be around them.

They can bring the house down with their humor and become your unofficial shopping consultant with their refined sense in fashion. To top that, she will be your in-house Xena, the warrior princess guarding you when you need her the most.

From Julia Roberts to Scarlett Johansson, Demi Moore to Emma Stone, these Scorpio women are the bad bitches you would definitely swear by and here are the reasons your Scorpio friend is fond of you as per your zodiac:

Scorpio Friend –


Scorpio Friend – Because you two will be in the same plane of madness and you both are ruled by Mars. You both are no-nonsense signs that connects you the best. You both encourage each other’s madness, to be frank.


Because the cranky and short tempered Scorpio wants a mom-friend to cool her down. Taurus helps them stay calm whilst adulating them with best food.


Because you both love to hate people together. Serial killers, sex and murder talks get you both intrigued and needless to say a Gemini’s weirdness is most welcome to a Scorpio.


Because Scorpios love to return favors. Cancer emotes better to a Scorpio and is love-struck about their wayward nature. Cancer and Scorpio will always have same opinion about everything and hence Scorpio becomes Cancer’s personal cheerleader.


Because Scorpio is always threatened by Leo’s popularity and that is what attracts them most. Scorpio and Leo will have a great mutual respect for each other and they will look for each other covetously.


Because Scorpios love deep and analytical conversations and talking about life feels like heaven with Virgos. They can even talk about most uncomfortable things with each other easily.


Because you both are promiscuous and flirtatious. Scorpio and Libra want a new romantic conquest every now and then in both life and bed, and they tend to understand each other better.


Because they both are intense and becomes each other’s mainstay building each other up. There are chances of ego clash too so they gasp for breath sometimes from the friendship.


The adventurous Scorpio loves the adventurous and honest Sagittarius. Sagittarius also always makes a Scorpio laugh with her antics. Scorpios, hence love these simpletons.


Because you both are bitter and cynical about almost everything, from government failing to frowning upon a dress. The disillusioned and melancholic Scorpio hence connects better with alike Capricorn.


Aquarians are brilliant in the places Scorpios are not. Scorpios are sucker for knowledge and they love to learn a lot and grow in the process around Aquarians.


Pisces is their voice of reason and best support system. No one understands a Scorpio better than a Piscean and they will help Scorpio in best ways to navigate life. Only Pisceans have the emotional capacity to tolerate a Scorpio.

So, if you are blessed with a quirky and full of life Scorpio friend, cheer for her because it’s her birthday season!

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