Yes, It Is True 60 Percent Of Brain Consists Of Fat

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Believe it or not, the brain of the human body is the fattiest organ. It has the 60 percent of fat approximately. If sometimes the mind feels about the fatty body; it can be the arms or the legs exposed. But actually, the truth is only an amount of fat is present in the body parts. Every day many work out, struggle and exercise to reduce the extra fats in the body.
Without this percentage of fat in brain the proper functioning is not at all possible. How does this help the person? Though fat has always been taken as a disadvantage but describing the benefits will bring change in thoughts.
For proper function of the brain, it can be learning or memories the proper amount of fatty acids, omega 3 fatty acids are necessary. There are problems when lacking any of the fats. Did you know that brain has both bad and good fats? Both have their role to play with the functions of the brain. Trans fats enter the body through food that contains unhealthy fats.

60 % of brain increase functions

The nerve cells of the brain need the Omega 3s for proper functioning. It is the part of the nervous system that needs part of 60 % of brain fat. The main function of the nerve cells is to control the movements as well as to coordinate the body parts. The messages and signals transmission is part of the nerve cells.
So, if there is a problem related to nerve cells in a person. Then it may be due to the lack of good fat. Feed the brain with good fat for better body movements.
From the part of the brain, fat is responsible for the proper cognitive functions. In regular activities, the cognitive functions can be realized as taking any decision or paying attention to any study. The work of the good fat is higher which is present in Omega 3 and other fatty acids. Learning more than one language and perception is part of the brain.

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What if a Partial of 60% of the brain has trans fat?

Trans fats sources are frozen pizza, fried food such as French fries that enters the body. It causes problems, not to the human body but also to the human brain. Good fats fatten but for better thinking and learning power. The brain will not work unless the trans fats reduce as it causes problems related to functions of the brain.
Increase stress
Did you realize that stress makes you helpless? You lose the ability of decision making, the brain losses its thinking power. The brain is exhausted and does not work at all. Partially the trans fat is responsible for the loss.
Face depressions
Anxiety and depressions are also partially due to the trans fat, extreme thinking but no results. Forget or memory loss are some of the problems that the brain may have to suffer.
So, Feed the brain with good fat to have a healthy mind and thought. Let the 60% of the brain stay occupied with the fat for healthy living of human body.

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