Why Akbar Changed Prayag To Allahabad?


Prayagraj – In order to rename a district or city, the very first step is to get people consensus then a proposal is sent to the state government to change the name through local representatives of local people.

On this proposal, the state cabinet considers and deliberately forwards it to the governor for a consensus. After this, the Governor sends the proposal to the Union Home Ministry for final approval. After getting the maximum clearance and green flag by the Ministry of Home Affairs, the state government issues a notification to change the name. After this long process, the name of any state gets changed.

After 444 Years, Once Again Allahabad Is Going To Be Called Prayagraj


After 444 years, Allahabad’s name is going to be changed to Praygraj. Significantly, the demand for Allahabad’s name to be changed has been continuously arising from time to time. This demand of the people has never been taken by any Chief Minister or Governor ever since. But the present Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh during the election campaign in March 2017 promised that he would change the name of Allahabad to Prayagraj again.


After the massive0020victory in the elections, the saints of Allahabad reminded the Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath his promise, after which the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister has begun to move towards the demand for change in the name of Allahabad.

Why Akbar Has Changed The Name Of Prayag 444 Years Ago?

According to facts recorded in the pages of history, Mughal Emperor Akbar laid the foundation of forts around the Prayagraj during the year 1574 and Akbar established a complete town here and then changed the name of Prayagraj to Allahabad after the year 1580.

“Prayag” is a religious and ideological name which is considered to be a symbol of the land of worship and austerity. On the fact, Swami Vasudevanand of Alupi Bagh Ashram says that changing Prayag to Allahabad for personal interests doesn’t literally change the history. The name was changed to Allahabad for the benefits of an evil ruler, not for social good. Prayagraj name should have changed long ago. Chief Minister Yogi has once again revived the Indian culture.


From the ancient times of the confluence of Allahabad kings, heroes and kings have been anointed.

Apart from this, in the Ramayana by Valmiki, it has been mentioned in reference to Prayag that Lord Shri Ram also stayed in Prayag. Yes, it is mentioned in the Ramayana that Rama stayed in Bharadwaj Rishi’s ashram which was located in Prayag.

Therefore, when Lord Shriram went to Shringverpur, he also talked about Prayagraj. In the legendary Ramayana Purana, from 102 chapters to 107 chapters, the magnificence of this pilgrimage of Lord Shriram has been described. Along with this, the holy river Maa Ganga and Yamuna have been mentioned in the Puranas that flows from Prayagraj.

So, now you can gauge how old Prayag is!

Its description in the old scriptures advocates its ancient history. Finally, the city got his original name back.

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