These Are The Greatness and Danger of WeChat


WeChat has rose to popularity since long because there you can connect with people across the national boundaries by simply shaking your phone.

People who love to make new friends find WeChat as a boon as that brings strangers into knowing each other hence it is a great substitute to the highest grossing dating app Tinder. WeChat just came in the heels pf WhatsApp and garnered popularity. WeChat was originated in China and is termed as the super app there because of the ban on Facebook and Google by the Chinese government.

mid these ban, Chinese populace demanded of 2.0 web services which was too great to ignore. You can say China just assembled different features from different apps and repackaged them for example Baidu for Google and Saina Weibo for Twitter. However, the tech guant Silicon Valley that kept Chinese technological advances under surveillance laughed these apps off citing them too cheap and knockoffs. But that was China it messed with which put to foot down and launched a  series of new apps that are called ‘Super-apps’.

There is a famous app data analyst App Annie which tells us that there is 60-90 apps in one’s phone on an average basis majority of which are social media, payment apps and other specified service such as UBER and Airbnb. That aside, there are other streaming platforms and games and China’s super app WeChat comprises of all the every single feature of those apps in one stuffed app. WeChat doesn’t only limit itself to messaging because through WeChat you can message a friend, book a ticket for movies, reserve a seat in the restaurant and other such services that are made available at your fingertips. The same app is becomes end-to-end solution to all your requirements.

WeChat’s popularity has breached the national barriers quite sometime ago and it has become a fad in the world over, a talking point at that. Now, WeChat boasts of almost over 1 billion international users and how! quite naturally that is a phenomenal growth for an app to clock and which was China’s counter attack to Silicon Valley’s claim.

What really heart-winning about WeChat is that it is super user friendly and practical and it helps minimize many daily concerns. But, there are many loopholes in WeChat that make us a little bit apprehensive about it because it was originated in China, the communist country where there is no legislation of digital privacy which immunes the marketers and app developers to spy on their users.In fact, in a few instances important and personal data between users were feared stolen and reported too.

Indian users should not be too solicitous about WeChat because it is developed by its sworn rival China which leaves no opportune moment to spy on Indian users and their data. This concern is really alarming are is on a swell so we should not give WeChat the benefit of doubt.

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