These Are The Weird Types Of People You Have Shared Your Ola/Uber in India

Ola Uber in India

Ola Uber in India – Sharing cab is a common sight between Indian daily commuters. It is a skill that one needs to develop for surviving in a big city and earn his livelihood. One has to escape unharmed but then the chances are high that you step out as possessed by Manjulika!

But do we have a choice? Not really. Not all can afford that luxury to commute to office daily in a solo cab. Hence, we have to resort to the sharing and caring method taught in school and end up rubbing shoulder with morons who make our journey inconvenient as much as possible.

So, here are the people in Ola Uber in India who annoy the shit out of you with their silly antics:

Ola Uber in India –

1. The over-talker:

In the three hours of Uber ride, he will serve his innermost thoughts in a platter. Ranging from his problem with the sly daughter-in-law to his wife’s orthopaedic concerns, even worse, how his current job sucks and how he loved the previous one even though his boss was a wreck! Now that you know all about him, you feel like you have gotten a new family friend in three hour ride!

2. The cash payer:

There is an option to link your debit card with the app so the small change hassles are beaten. But he won’t obviously be aware of it and pester the cabbie for giving him a change of 2000 bucks for 120 rupees thereby wasting your time before storming out and retaining your peace finally.

3. The hater:

Then there will be the hater who would ignore your existence, forget trying to even pretend to be friendly. They must have had a bad day at work so decided to fuck everything up that comes in their way, and unfortunately you did. They will show suggestive signs that they hate you once you enter the cab, the meanest one would be covering their nose.

4. The ’10 minutes I am coming’ dude:

Your driver probably has called him a thousand times and he said he is about to reach the pick-up spot but in reality, he is still climbing down the stairs of his house. Damn it!

5. The invisible one:

He is standing opposite Shivaji food stall, so are you, but he is nowhere to be seen. Everybody else can find him standing there waiting for the cab except you and your cabbie. He can see that traffic post but hell you can’t.

6. The familiar face you don’t want to talk to:

He boards cab, your eyes meet, you fake a smile and a awkward silence falls because naturally, you know him from your previous job and know how much of a jerk he was so obviously you don’t want a hearty conversation with him because you know he’s not worth it.

Ola Uber in India – These people are just savage but what can one do? No matter how they make the Ola/Uber ride unbearable for you, no matter how they make you freak out you still have to fake a smile.

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