Did You Know Snakes Can Predict Earthquakes Before Four Days?

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Snakes do not have ears like other animals but their other senses are stronger as compared to those having ears. It does not hear any sounds but the presence of the internal middle ear helps in feeling and realizing through vibrations. Sounds create vibration which is easily heard by the snakes while they are connected to the ground. One of the reptiles who can sense the vibration enables them to know about the earth’s quakes before four days or more. In other words, snakes can predict earthquakes.

Strange but a truth that snakes can predict earthquakes

The external part of the snake’s ear is not present but the middle ear organ can hear the vibrations. Through it, they can escape from predators or any kind of unknown calamities. Studies and research on animals have mentioned the fact as snakes can easily sense earthquakes from about 120 km.

Before four to five days the crawling reptile with its internal senses can therefore realize that there are chances of an earthquake in the area. Animals have been always the best predictors of any natural calamity or danger ahead. Even when technology is not able to predict or forecast it is the animals that can alert about any upcoming danger to the earth and its creatures.

Snakes’ behavior acts as an early warning

The seismic waves that take place beneath the depth of the earth can be a warning of danger. Realizing about the upcoming danger they may have an instant change in their behavior. Changes in the groundwater movements, the pressure of the electrical fields, and the magnetic field are responsible to develop the waves. These are the specific significances that are an indication that is sensible by the reptiles as they are connected to the locomotion.

Early warnings to humans have benefitted them from severe damages. Sudden changes or restless behaviors of the animals have been a sign of natural calamity. When technology was not able to help the behavioral changes guided them.

It is when they slept outside in the open air or remained awake. To avoid any major loss of lives and properties. China has a history of watching the behaviors of animals to stay alert against any upcoming earthquakes or floods. This helped the Chinese to save thousands of lives more than hundreds of decades ago.

Above all the reptiles it is observed that snakes are the most sensitive animal who can sense the seismic waves faster. Compared to other animals snakes will simply come out of their homes to escape anyhow from the area. Even on chilly nights they can run away from their holes and behave abnormally if not being able to escape.

The greater the intensity of the earthquake the changes in behavior is higher. If there is any obstruction the snake tries to break through the hard walls or barriers. As snakes can predict earthquakes and want to survive by escaping to the earliest. Their senses have been a savior to many lives in major earthquakes.

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