Why Is Judaism Religion Being Oldest Is Not As Popular As Christianity?

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Judaism is the oldest religion that has been practiced as a monotheistic religion. History mentions the establishment of the religion. Bible has described the existence of the Jews after which modern Judaism is another phase that started from 500 BC. The formation of the Christian religion as part evolved from the Jews and Judaism. But over time the acceptance of Christianity has happened to increase worldwide. Judaism has been the oldest religion but not as popular as Christianity.

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How did Christianity break from Judaism?

Growth of identity and recognition was the main reason that the splitting of Judaism took place. It was in the mid 2nd century CE when people were seeking a  change. The desire for a change in identity and establishment brought a revolution. In the Roman Empire, the spread of Jews and their religion was throughout but slowly separation lead to reduce people following the oldest religion.

The population of the Jews at the time was less compared to the Islamic, all over the world.  In the first century CE, the belief in Jesus, the God of Isreal was ruling their community. Following his death his preaches were spreading through the preaches of his disciples and followers, it was in the Hellenistic period.

It was in the early time of the period that the followers of Judaism started sacrificing in the name of Jesus. The sacrifice was to their Lord “Isaiah” as the result of their sins done on their nation Israel. Christianity described it as a way to show the presence and connection with Jesus to their people. The beliefs and practices were slow but over time till the breaking of destruction, there was an unclear division of Christianity and Judaism. Popular as Christianity despite an evolution is due to the freedom of thought that Jews were not able to provide.

Slowly their belief in One Lord, Christians had separated while the Jews had believed in more than one messiahs or God. Above all the failure of Jesus to provide freedom to Isreal had disappointed many of his followers to accept Judaism as their religion.

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Why as popular as Christianity has shown renaissance?

While the thoughts and beliefs emerging among the followers were giving rise to renaissance and giving up the oldest religion. Isreal is known to be the home of the Jews, therefore after the separation over millions of years, the oldest religion is not as popular as Christians. Some non-jews have converted themselves to follow the one Lord “Jesus”.

The spread of the religion led to the involvement of non-jews, other religions to follow Christianity. Above all, the teachings of Jesus and no barring to thoughts and living that is not being afraid of God has inspired Gentiles to believe in the religion.

Over years, not only the oldest religion Judaism has not been able to expand its community. Christians are present in all parts of the world worshiping in their way but to one God. Preaching and the increase of followers have inspired them to convert to Christianity making it a popular religion.

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