Why Should You Use a Tailor-Made Resume For Every Job You Apply To

We tell you why you need to tailor your resume for every job you apply to.

You and every other professional working in the industry are in no way the same.

Similarly, a resume prepared for a particular industry, cannot be used to apply for all the jobs available in that industry. As no two job candidates are alike, neither are any two jobs.

Because recruiting managers do not have as much time as to read through each and every detail of your resume, your resume should be tweaked in a way, that appeals to a particular recruiter.

We tell you why you need to tailor your resume for every job you apply to.

– What is the recruiter looking for

While you’re looking for a switch badly, you don’t generally see what a particular job role demands for. All you are able to see is the requirement of a professional with the qualifications you possess. You assume that the positions you’re applying to are similar enough to send off, the one resume you’ve kept updated about yourself. This, however, is a huge mistake.

Not all companies look for the same thing. Maybe, the position they mentioned about is same as the one you wish to apply to, but the job description and roles differ from one job to another. Understand what the recruiter is looking forward to receive, and twist your resume accordingly.

– Your professional life story

No recruiter is interested in knowing the story of your professional life, unless they find your experience and skills intriguing. It’s next to impossible to list each and every detail of the jobs you’ve had till date. So, check out the responsibilities a candidate is expected to deliver in a particular job role. If possible, check out the company’s website and add elements to your resume that relate to their services or products.

– Emphasis on relevant points

Agreed that here are some elements every resume should have regardless of its intended recipient. However, the hiring manager will stop only at something that highlights your achievements in the department related to the job description. So, try outing emphasis on what’s most important and use strategic keywords, as used in the job role.

– Keywords can help you get shortlisted

Most organizations use applicant-tracking systems to sort through large volumes of resumes they receive and identify potential candidate through the process. As soon as a candidate submits the resume, the tracking system mines data from it, by using relevant keywords and saves your information for the recruiters to review. Now you know why using a particular set of words for a particular job is important for you to get that job.

Tailoring your resume increases your chances of success. Showcasing the same product for every consumer, will not only waste your time and energy, but might also de-motivate you, as very few of them might revert.

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