6 Absurd Ways People Judge A Woman’s Character

Absurd ways men judge women

Absurd ways men judge women – Women don’t really need to do something to get judged, all they need is to lead a simple life like a normal human being and the people around her will do the character judgment themselves.

I mean, how hard it is for the people to understand that we live in 21st century and regardless of the fact that she is a woman or a man, you really need to let people live the way they want and stop judging their characters based on that.

But when men are allowed to do anything they want in this patriarchal society, a woman’s character becomes questionable on doing even the most normal things in life.

On that note, here are the 6 most absurd ways men judge women.

Absurd ways men judge women –

  1. By the clothes she wears

This is a very simple rule for everyone to judge a woman. If she wears salwar-kameez or a saree, she is a good girl but if she wears jeans, crop tops, skirts or any western attire, she is totally eligible for character assassination. Really? This means every girl who wears western clothes has a questionable character? What about your 2 year old daughter who hasn’t even learnt how to speak or is she wearing Indian clothes since birth?

  1. By her working hours

So, if a girl works from 9 to 5 and reaches home before sunset, she is decent. But if you work night shifts or come home late at 10 or 11, you don’t have a good character. After all, only men can stay out of the house during late hours and women need to stay inside.

  1. By her job

Okay, so if you work in a bank or a school, you are a pretty good girl. But if you work in a call center, in a dance company, a hotel or even in an event management firm, you character can be questioned. Now what I don’t understand is how the hell occupation decides character? How?

  1. By her boyfriends

A girl with no boyfriends who ends up being married to a stranger is known as a purely decent girl. But one with many boyfriends or even one for that matter is characterless. WOW! I am sure we have pretty great judgment standards.

  1. By the places she go to

Well, if you are someone who parties a lot and goes to pubs, clubs and bars, you are pretty damn a woman with a loose character for this society. I mean, why don’t you only go to temples and libraries? Come on, don’t you want people to think that you are a good girl?

  1. By her habits

For the society, smoking and drinking is the most important factor that decides a woman’s character. If you smoke and drink, you are not a woman they will respect. I know it’s tricky but deal with it honey, that’s how this society is.

These are the most absurd ways men judge women. These were just some of the absurd ways in which people judge a woman’s character, there are many more. I know all these are disgusting but that’s how this society is. But you shouldn’t change yourself for anyone, just keep doing what you love and let them say what they want to.

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