What Is This Girl Saying Wearing That Ultra Short Dress, Drinking Wine With A Cigarette In Her Hand?


Now that you have started reading this, am assuming that the curiosity levels to know the answer to the question posed in the title of this story has brought you to the level of almost desperateness!

And rightly so because it is never easy to read a woman’s mind and we all have several questions to ask her! Especially in a case like this wherein a smoking-drinking girl with minimalist clothes is concerned, the urge to know what she wants or trying to tell you is of monumental proportions!


Now control your testosterone jumping here and there!

This kind of a girl who is so commonly visible in all kinds of parties all around the town across the nation isn’t a very complicated soul. She is pretty simple and straightforward and easily comes direct to the point.

You are getting excited, aren’t you?

Yeah, I know! I can sense your breathing becoming faster, eyeballs jumping out of the socket and eager to know what she wants from you!

Well, if she met you in person, she would just come to you, look in your eyes, flip her long hair back and would simply say: MIND YOUR OWN BLOODY BUSINESS!!


Enough of objectifying her and considering her “EASY” just because she is living her life, her way, on her terms!

And no, don’t even start lecturing about the great Indian culture and morals and ethics for they are not applicable only for women to follow, but the onus to follow them lies on men too.

Do men follow them?

Most of the men can’t give an honest answer to that as they are only taught such morals in school books to prepare for weekly exams and then to be forgotten the very next moment!


A girl wearing such clothes and drinking and smoking is not a prostitute! She has had a long and hard day at work, just like her male counterparts and is trying to have a great time enjoying the simple pleasures of life, which she chose as per her freedom of choice. It doesn’t mean that she is inviting any man or the so-called custodians of society to pass a remark on her or consider her as a “loose character” who can easily be taken to bed!

It is high time that we as a society give respect and space to every girl/woman to live her life the way she deems fit, just like any human being is allowed to live.

Those who agree with it are already the mature lots!

Those who felt disappointed with the answer, better go home and ask your parents to again teach you the lessons you should have learnt in your childhood to become a sensible, intelligent and responsible human being!

Girls, live your life, freely!

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