Vedic Chants for Early Good Morning

Mantras for morning chanting

Mantras for morning chanting – In Vedas, chants related to spirituality and confidence with the start of the day, inducing mind with intelligence that is required for regular improvement of work or studies.

Mantras for morning chanting – Before that, it becomes very necessary to understand the meaning of the chants, reason, and significances of the adherence of these hymns.


This early morning chant is for your spiritual eternity and peace. Gayatri mantra begins your day with peace of mind so that you can find your strength to think, work energetically. Vedic chant, from Rig Veda, believe to be the meditation chant that purifies your thoughts and soul, increases your concentration.

Om bhurbhuvahswaha

Tat saviturvarenyum


Dhiyoyo nah pracodayat.


OM! Denoting the lord, Shiva the creator of the universe and the entire world, we pray to him who destroys the sin, lord rise to knowledge, confidence and strength to the human body, let him shower his blessing to us to enlightenment and power of intelligence.

Mantras for morning chanting


Lord Ganesha is the idol of intelligence and wisdom! People worship him as a giver of money and knowledge. VakratundaMahakaya chants, on early morning, can encourage your spiritual thoughts and intellectually deal with all sort of difficulties in your pathways.


Surya Kotisamahprabha




The  great and mighty lord with the big trunk, who is blessed and build up with the tremendous brightness of millions of rays of the sun, therefore I being a devotee pray to shower all your blessing on me so that I can start my work and complete confidently facing  all obstacles and removing it from my path.

Mantras for morning chanting


This Vedic chant is chronicled in Yajur Veda, which is about the great lord of the Universe Shiva. It is believed that this chant is one of the strongest chants in Hinduism. Composed several years before, this particular word Om was believed to be an echo of the emptiness, or maybe while the earth and universe did not form.


Om denoting the sound in emptiness


Namaha denotes to provide all the devotion to the great creator Lord Shiva. This brings in the strength to think better and increase concentration.


This chant is itself denoted as “Good Morning” chant. SU means good and prabhatam means morning. This chant Creates a connection of love and feeling of your soul to your family and dear ones, a spiritual connection that grows as you understand the meaning of this chant.



uttistha! narasardula!



Lord Rama, who is the son of mother Kausalya is requested to awaken up from a deep sleep as the sun has risen up from the east, wake up from sleep as prayers and worships is about to begin unless lord Rama wake up.

Mantras for morning chanting

These are Mantras for morning chanting – Chants are a meditation to bring more growth and focus on your aims and ambitions Intelligence increases as long as you improve your focus on any relevant work that is possible through listening to these chants regularly.

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