The Most Impulsive Zodiac Signs Of The Zodiac Calendar

Most impulsive zodiac signs

Most impulsive zodiac signs – The brain of impulsive people finds it very hard to rein in their behaviour and they react without thinking in a threatening situation.

Impulsive people are constantly in the fear of getting hurt so they can’t hold on to someone, something or a decision for a longer period of time. This is arguably a vice that is present mostly in young people before whom there is a world of options and they want everything in shorter span of time. Switching decisions, choices, rushing into wrong relationships, committing crimes, breaking hearts unceremoniously are the signs of impulsive people and here are some examples of people born under different zodiac signs who tend to be ruthlessly impulsive.

Most impulsive zodiac signs –


Aries is a fire sign so obviously they have the warmth of fire. It makes them short-tempered and impulsive. Aries people like to see people suffering and derive sadistic pleasure from it. The very time they realize their prey is recovering to their normal self, they walk out on them being driven by an impulse. Aries people let go of them who truly love them impulsively and always regret that decision later.


Scorpions are water signs that are pretty hard to please. They are always intensely intuitive and exactly know what can harm or hurt them. They will not waste another second and distance themselves with that very thing immediately. Scorpions love passionately but when hurt, they break up in a manner that the lover feels the ‘sting’ for a lifetime.


Pisceans tend to make the silliest decisions driven by impulse. They find it really hard to make decisions because they are born indecisive but Pisceans are very open minded people. You better not, however count on a Piscean’s decision because at one point of time they will say yes and in another, they will go back on their promise.

These are the three most impulsive zodiac signs in the cycle.

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