Soulmate Band: The Blues Rock Band From Shillong

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Blue rock in India is rising as a favorite music genre among youngsters. A blend of rock and elements of blue has given rise to many rock bands in India. Among the top blue rock bands, one is the Soulmate from Shillong, Meghalaya. The music band participates in concerts and sessions in different parts of Asia.

Soul mate is a Shillong-based band crew that was established in February 2003. Over more than a decade, the musical band has been the favorite for their intense dedication to blues-rock music. After years of contribution, the band has now widened its team which few members in the beginning.

The team has members from different parts of the Northeast. The band is specifically identified due to Rudy Wallang, who is the guitar, vocals, songwriter, and Tipriti TIPS Kharbangar plays vocals and guitar. Both are popular for their talents. Rudy Wallang is one of the best guitarists of India and Tipriti stands as one of the best female singers of Northeast India.

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Though the beginning was an initiative of both slowly over years of contribution to the band, Soulmate is not only the popular local band but it ranks in India. Their first concert was at the Roots Festival at the Water Sports Complex in Umiam, Shillong. After which it has performed in different concerts in Asia and other countries.

Few of the top fests and concerts of the Soulmate bands were in Southeast Asia, the US, and The Middle East. The band progressed and stood high over years without any downfall even after years. They are one of the leading Blue rocks bands in India.

Their expertise over blues and Jazz has given them fame as leading musical bands who also had performed among the 150 bands at Ground zero in 2010.

As Rudy Wallang, the guitarist and initiator of the development of the bad mentioned that “We are proud of our Achievements”.  He also mentioned that over years there has been the rise of many new bands. But their success and popularity over time have proved their exceptional work on blue rock music.

There are many festivals taking place all over the country. But their achievements over years have been impeccable. It is from the beginning day of the Soulmate band till it stands well recognized that points at their success.

Shillong the state of Music culture

Meghalaya has the culture of music, it has the presence not in its traditional or ethnic forms. But the winds of western music swing with the mists of cloudy days. Shillong is known as the hub of western music. Vocals, guitars, and westernized music concerts and fests run throughout the years. People love to live and enjoy celebrating music, it can be their traditional Khasi folk dance with flute or blue rock music.

Here Tipriti said about “their keen interest towards blue was intense due to the roots that they carry”. Blue rock is in the roots of Meghalaya that have inspired them to build a band. Playing blues is one of the talents that are in her, being in the vocals giving life to the lyrics that touched the heart of the listeners are part of their talent and dedication.

Connection with the stage, audience, and instruments

Playing instruments is not only a skill that they possess which they have developed over years. According to the Guitarist Rudy, he mentioned that a connection has grown over years with instruments. With the use of instruments,  he can express his emotions whenever on stage.

The Soul mate bands have pointed about the emotion develops connection, not only with instruments but also the listeners on the other side of the stage. He has been playing an instrument for years, and so he said that “ I am comfortable to be emotionally naked on stage”.

“There is no perfection in the Blues”, Tipriti TIPS Kharbangar said. Playing blues may not be easy for those who are concerned much about escaping from flaws or mistakes. Blues need a connection that can withdraw the attention of the audiences from mistakes of tunes or instruments and touch the core of the heart. Emotionally connecting with the audiences is the need of instrument players which is a matter of talent and experience.

Soulmate band at the start with lack of opportunities

The beginning of the Blue band Soul mate in Shillong was not easy. Being from a small state arising and establishing to be recognized was difficult. According to Rudy, he said that there was a lack of opportunity and venues.

For performers, it puts a great impact in terms of struggles and gains success. There was indeed a lack of exposure for the new blue rock band of Shillong at its beginning.

The main reason to grow as popular as a blues-rock band is their desire to play live. The band works on live concerts and plays music, it enables them to interact with audiences. This connection has been a strength for the band to work hard for music. Their distinctive quality to interact has made them the leading blue rock bands of India.

Achievements of Soulmate, Blue rock Band Shillong

Rudy and Tipriti have the primary leaders of the band, but they have other team members that have enabled them to improve the band’s music strength. Some of the prestigious performances all over the world apart from the natives are the Mosaic Music Festival in Singapore in 2009. It was a few years that of the band formation that had performed abroad. Another remarkable performance was at the Maximum India Festival at Kennedy Center, Washington DC in 2011. Baltic Blues Festival in Eutin was also one of the iconic achievements of the music career of the Soulmate band.

Rudy also stated that they intended to popularize and let people know about Blues-rock music. There are only a few people who know about this unique western music, as blues is the foundation of modern western music.

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