Offer These Things To Please Lord Hanuman 

Lord Hanuman

Lord Hanuman son of Anjani or the incarnation of Lord Shiva.

The word Hanuman described a person having a disfigured jaw. According to Hindu Puranas, there was a time when the god of weather Lord Indra himself attacked Hanuman with his thunderbolt causing Hanuman’s Jaw disfigured, hence he got the name Hanuman.

Hanuman was the ardent devotee of Lord Rama who was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It is known that praying Hanuman can get rid of all kinds of negative energies, especially the fear of evil spirits.

Worshipping Hanuman will not just give you positivity in fear but it will also fetch the blessings of Lord Shiva and Shani Dev.

Today we will be discussing some items which when offered to Lord Hanuman please him soon.

So, let’s take a look…

Lord Hanuman

Jasmine Oil

As a fact, people say that pleasing Lord Hanuman is as easy as pleasing Lord Shiva. But Lord Shiva takes a lot of test of their devotees. To please Lord Hanuman Jasmine oil is one of the most popular item as well as vermilion tunicle.


Items made with wheat and jaggery are one of the most favourite food of Lord Hanuman. In most part of North, India people worshipped him on Purnima or every Tuesday with a special puja to be offered to Lord Hanuman. Most people who are worshipping him since a very long time or worship him as the Kul Devta means the deity of the entire clans for ages does these kinds of arrangements on Purnima day.

Saffron or Red Flag

To impress or get the blessing of Pawan Putra Hanuman reciting the Hanuman Chalisa is known as one of the best methods. It is also known that reciting Hanuman Chalisa will sharper the memory and helps in the awakening of the sixth sense. Every devotee of Hanuman must recite Hanuman Chalisa every day or at least on Tuesday. And to please him soon on Purnima offer a saffron or red flag to him at a temple.


Purnima and Tuesdays of the week are dedicated to the worship of Lord Hanuman. On the day of his worship, one should take bath between 4:00 am and 6:00 am and offer rice as well as coconut at a temple.


Once upon a time when for the first time Lord Hanuman saw Goddess Sita, she was wearing a Vermilion as sindur in her hairs (a symbol of married women in Hindu religion). Hanuman asked Mata Sita about the purpose of wearing vermilion mark, she said this mark symbolised the devotion to one’s lord. After knowing this Lord Hanuman covered his entire body with vermilion, and hence vermilion became one if the most popular thing to offer Hanuman.

Lord Hanuman

To please Lord Hanuman, you must have to follow or offer these items to him on the special specified days on him. Like on Tuesday or Purnima Day. In some cases, people also worship him on Saturday along with Shani Dev and on Monday with Lord Shiva.

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