Talented Artist Shashikant Dhotre’s Amazing Paintings Are Too Real To Be True

Shashikant Dhotre

“Shashikant Dhotre”

Shashikant Dhotre is one of the talented artists of our country. His realistic art is worth a thousand words.

With no education in arts; he is now a professional artist who beautifully paints the emotions of women living in village of rural Maharashtra.

Right from the emotions of women smiling as well the melancholic feelings; he paints it all that seem to be so lively.

His attractive paintings portray the applauding work by using only the colour pencils on black paper. Well, he simply makes his paintings unique by focusing on all the fine details of the designs etc.

Check out Shashikant’s outstanding pictures:-

  1. Take a look at this eye-pleasing painting …

painting shashikant

2. As said it is very tough to believe but yes that is true. These are real drawings by him.

shashiknt dhotre indian artist.jpg shashiknt dhotre indian artist

3. The creation of innocence is beautifully shown in this painting… Don’t you think so?

Shashikant Dhotre 1

4. Shashikant is also known to portray the utter darkness of women in villages…


5… Yes, we can only just imagine the level of patience and dedication to achieve such intricate artwork.

shashikant dhotre paintings

6. Shashikant also believes “Innovation and creation are the products of a free mind”…

Shashikant Dhotre 3

7. This one is undoubtedly impressive…

Shashikant Dhotre 10

8. No doubt, his inspiring work made him achieved an award- “Kohinoor of Maharashtra”…

Shashikant Dhotre 8

9…He wonderfully paints the working details that gives an insight into the women of rural villages…

Shashikant Dhotre 2

10… The simple gesture of smiling and the melancholy feeling beautifully completes this one…

Shashikant Dhotre

If you still cannot believe your eyes, then you have to check out this documentary. Here’s a short documentary on Shashikant Dhotre presented by Amol Chaphalkar:-

What do you think about this amazing artist? Do comment below.

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