Real Life Morals You Should Learn From Lord Shiva

Life morals from Lord Shiva

Life morals from Lord Shiva – He is the Aghori, Neelkanth, Bholenath, Maheshwar, Mahadev and much more! Yes, we are talking about Lord Shiva, the destroyer of the evil sources. Commuting on a divine bull called Nandi, Lord Shiva is depicted as a “Yogi” who resides on the Mount Kailash along with his wife, Goddess Parvati.

With the third eye on his forehead, snake (Vasuki) around the neck, crescent moon on his head and a blue throat, Lord Shiva is known as the most powerful Hindu deity alongside Lord Vishu and Brahma. Because he is Devo Ke Dev Mahadev, here are some real-life lessons you can learn from Bholenath.

Life morals from Lord Shiva –

  1. No tolerance for evil

Lord Shiva is recognized for his tolerance level but he teaches us to have no tolerance for injustice. He is known as the destroyer of evil, which means that God killed the Rakshasa (demons) in fairly right manner. In real life, you should stand for justice and take no favoritism in life.

  1. Keep Calm

Yes, you heard it right! Every one of us is aware if Lord Shiva gets angry, entire universe may get destroyed! Well, that’s not all because Lord Shiva is also known as “Maha Yogi”, the man who meditates for a long period of time on mountains. His state of mind loses only in extreme conditions or else he is a person who is known for his calm mind! So, you should try to meditate just like Lord Shiva and keep your mind stable.

  1. Materialistic happiness does not stay for longer

Lord Shiva is known to stay away from his wealth because he firmly believes materialistic happiness do not stay for a long period of time. With just a Damru and Trishul in his hand, Lord Shiva gives us a life lesson that materialistic happiness is short-lived. If you’re not a materialist, you’re losing nothing in life. The ash smeared on his body symbolizes that everything in life is temporary.

  1. Obsession can lead to self-destruction

Lord Shiva gives the most important lesson that you should never be obsessed with anything in your life. Do not desire much, as desires lead to obsession and obsessions may ultimately lead to self-destruction. Unwanted desires can make a man self-destructive.

  1. Your attitude towards the problem matters

Have you ever wondered why does Lord Shiva have a third eye on his forehead?  Well, his third eye symbolizes that you should look beyond the problem. Problem is not a problem but your attitude towards the problem can make a difference. So, stay calm and overcome the problems with understanding.

  1. Ego does not matter

The serpent or the snake around the Lord Shiva’s neck symbolizes letting go of one’s ego. Lord Shiva preaches us to live a life without ego because ego leads nowhere but it takes you away from your own self.  The snake around Lord Shiva’s neck represents that ego can be controlled by your own self! So, live a happy life without being self-absorbed to others.

  1. Remove negative thoughts

Mahadev emphasis on eliminating negative thoughts from mind through the water pot or Kamandalam. The Kamadalam or the water pot symbolizes purification of mind. Mahadev says having negative thoughts can kill your soul and also drains your talent and knowledge.

These are Life morals from Lord Shiva – However, out of all gods in Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva sets apart from others as everyone says, “Shiv ji apne bhakton ke bhakt hain”. I’m a Bholenath Bhakt and it’s fascinating to see Shiva’s popularity among people has more to do with his layered personality and less with religion.


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