Rahul’s whim is not our command: Allies to UPA

With the allies expressing their concern over the whole ordinance “nonsense” act, it will be interesting to see how Congress garners “small support” in case Rahul Gandhi’s temper and tongue remains the same.

After the big drama by Congress over Ordinance ended today with Cabinet deciding to withdraw it, the question of what next has come up. The act pulled by the party now listens to critic remarks.

The allies have already expressed their concerns over Rahul Gnadhi’s behaviour which turned the situation into a big mess.

The Samajwadi Party described the move as a “conspiracy against democracy”. It disapproved Rahul Gandhi’s coming out hastily criticising the matter. The party had said that if the ordinance was withdrawn, it “will send a message that one individual is bigger than the government”.

National Conference chief Farooq Abdullah said that Rahul Gandhi was “advised wrongly” and that he should have spoken on the issue after Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s return to the country from the US.

“I think someone must have advised him on this. I think, they advised him wrongly. While the PM was out, he should have waited for him to come back, then put his point of view directly.

“That would have been the right way. … I hope there will be better advisers in future and he will consult other UPA constituents …, find better ways of taking things forward,” he had said Wednesday morning.

Many believe that Rahul gandhi’s stature got him away scott free from the charade created by him. Guessing this was the reason NCP leader Tariq Anwar said, “Perhaps this is the reason, a special Cabinet meeting has been called. All issues will be discussed.”

Although allies supported government’s quest, irrespective of what Rahul said, their message is clear – Why should they go by what Congress’ darling says?

SP leader Naresh Agarwal. He said that his party was against the criminalisation of politics, but it didn’t believe in the conviction of a lawmaker by a lower court when it could be challenged in the higher court and revoked. “But we have no objection if the MPs are disqualified after the conviction has been upheld by the Supreme Court,” Agarwal told media.

There have been sharp reactions from the National Congress Party (NCP) camp too whose members feel Gandhi’s anti-ordinance outburst could be taken well by the Congress but not by the UPA government which passed it after due deliberations.

NCP spokesperson DP Tripath has already said that Rahul Gandhi was free to say whatever he wished to the Congress party. “But, the government led by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is not a Congress government. It is the UPA government and I am sure Rahul Gandhi knows we are its allies and not his followers,” he told a newspaper.

On-board Air India One, the Prime Minister had said a decision on withdrawing the ordinance would be taken only after consultations with Cabinet colleagues who had approved it. “I will discuss with my colleagues and see which way the wind is blowing.”

It will be interesting to see how Congress garners “small support” in case Rahul Gandhi’s temper and tongue remains the same.

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