5 Signs That A Girl Is Just Using You!


With time you get to know real faces of some people.

In the beginning it seems all right, you feel like this girl is the best thing that has happened to you be it as friends or partner but with time a doubt comes to your mind- Am I just being used?

There is no smoke without fire, if that there’s doubt in your mind, there must be a reason for your confusion if your girl is loyal to you or not.

The cruelest thing a woman can do to a guy who has a soft spot for her is to sweetly use him just to get her odd work done and then just keep him hanging. The guy will believe her niceness but at one point or the other the real face gets revealed.

This surely reminds you of Pyaar Ka Punchnama movie right?

Well today we clear few of your doubts guys. We tell you 5 signs that a girl is just using you.

So read on to get your confusions cleared.

When you’re in Friend zone!

You and I in the beautiful world! Wherever you go, I follow! Does it sounds like you? She will call you over for movies, or in case she needs something. She will get all her work done and you like a fool will willingly do that. She will hug you, call you the nicest ‘FRIEND’ she ever had. You’ll be too nice to her because well you got some feelings for her but although she’ll get all her work done by you, will still keep away from you in terms of proximity. You need to get out of that zone really quick because chances are she is just using you for her own benefits. Be wise, spare yourself from the horror of heartbreak.

She’ll keep talking without listening!

Does she keep crying her little problems in front of you? And you like a sweet guy keep listening to her and well you also give her a shoulder to cry. Does she always behave like a cry baby in front of you? And when you start to open up or come up with your problems , she’s not interested. Her disinterest is one of the sign that she is just using you emotionally. If she did truly care about you, she’d be more interested to know about you than just whining about her own problems. Take that sign seriously boys.

She’ll be in touch ONLY when she needs something!

When she calls you, the first thing that automatically comes from your mouth is- Bolo kya kaam hai? Because you yourself know she will call you only and only when she wants something from you. If she has to go somewhere or if she needs something from you, you’ll be the first person she calls and then goes missing for weeks and suddenly reappear you know when. If the answer to this is yes in your case, boy you’re just being a fool.

She’s confused about your importance in her life!

Her confusion says it all. If she neither calls you a good friend or boyfriend, that should worry you boys. If a girl truly loves you or cares about you, there nothing that can confuse her unless she’s still in love with her ex or another guy. She may rant about her ex and will show you that you’re a part of her life but one fine day she’ll think of getting back to her ex and keeps you hanging. Beware you’re just being a scapegoat here, just filling the void in her life.

When she don’t really wants to meet your friends or make you meet hers!

Basically she just want it to be a secret that two of you even talk that much. Even if she did ask you to come along with her friends but didn’t even bother that you are there and you’re sitting there thinking why you even came. Is it only to drop her or pick her up? Well there lies the answer. She is just using you and it’s clear. If you really meant anything to her, she’ll engage you with her friends or be engaged with your friends but all she is busy is having fun with her friends without even worrying that even you are present there. It’s time to run my boy!

If the answer to any of the above signs is yes, it’s time to say goodbye to the girl.

You don’t want to look like being used right?

So it’s time to stay connected to people who really cares about you the way you do.

Good luck! Find those who truly matters and value you.

And well stay tuned to my next blog which talk about signs that a guy is using you. Till then stay happy 🙂

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